The quest of real followers of the path is just to oppose birth and death; they do not look for it in the sayings found in various sources in ancient and modern books. They just step back into themselves and bring it to mind, coolly yet keenly, at the very root and stem...

They are like mountains, how could the fears of life and death shake them any more?

Ying-an, in The Pocket Zen Reader, trans. edited by Thomas Cleary, p. 111

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Just a few days left to register for a weekend meditation retreat at Benedict Inn starting Friday evening. Vipassana intensives are rarely offered in Indiana. We can have more of these difficult but transformative training retreats if people once encountering the tradition commit to deepening working with the mind in a systematic, organic, centuries-old technology.

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The organizers have decided that tomorrow’s Second Saturday Sangha Retreat will go on tomorrow. Since we are having the Weekend Retreat next week and because several of us are preparing for IBMR’s first participation at Sunday’s Interfaith Festival, we’ll have a shorter retreat time: from 1 to 3:30 pm.

This is an opportunity for those who’ve hesitated doing the half day retreat to join us for a shorter retreat. Also anyone who want to participate at Sunday’s event, this can be a good preparation for that, too.

Thank you everyone for your practice and participation in and support of IBMR and IBDMG 🙏🏽

Please check for details

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Tomorrow at All Souls Church, three monks from Indiana Buddhist Temple will be visiting the meet-up. Registration opens at 9:30 AM. Vegetarian and vegan lunch from a Gujarati chef!

Cindy and I are exploring the use of "Community" in Google+ to allow interaction with people interested in Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats, an organization of practitioners in Mainstream Buddhism based in Indianapolis.
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