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gєи∂єя: cider
gσ∂ℓу ραяєит: nature goddess
weapons:bow and arrows (she regenerates them

(Discovers Later: fast speed)

Detailed Appearance
вσ∂у ѕнαρє: hourglass
єує ¢σℓσя: green
нαιя ℓєиgтн: long
нαιя ¢σℓσя: blond and blue
ѕкιи: light
ѕcαя(s): N/A
Bio: was abandoned in the forest by her own parents was never found so she connected her self by nature and the nature goddess was her mom all along.

credit to artist: its_Lopez
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- No longer pyrokinetic
- Now uses a silver shield to throw at enemies
- No longer possesses the hammer
- 3 years at camp
Mick Kelley

Godly Parent

Years at camp



Basic Appearance
Red hair, light skin, wears a green pair of shorts his mother gave him when he was 13, big scar across the right side of his face including his eye, an orange Camp Halfblood tee, silver Spartan helmet (in battle only)

Very joking, but serious more often than not, and can be a bit on the irritable side. Hard-working in Cabin Nine, but a little on the cowardly side when in low-odds-of-winning combat. Can also be unresponsive when spoken to in the forges.

Godly Powers
One of the very few Hephaestus children to have fire abilities (See Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero.)

A celestial bronze hammer that would take fifteen mortals to lift a foot off the ground. (Dang, he got dat ark strength, doh!)

A miniature animatronic fox named Alepou.

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Mitskuni sat in front of the lake, waving her hand around in the water slowly. She was surrounded by large walls formed from water, almost like a wall around herself would shield her from the world. She knew it wouldn't, but it was sort of nice to have some sense of security with monsters everywhere. Once the rain started she didn't cringe at all, she raised her head towards the sky and let the cool drops fall onto her face. She was tired, but refused to let such a weakness show. Being the councilor of the Poseidon cabin had its perks, but not everyone trusted her. She has a history of having a temper, and drowning whoever angered her. Once she had even sent a wave through the mess hall because no one would shut up. No one really minded, but with anxiety like hers, everything matters. And when everything matters, she gets a lot of panic attacks. But she keeps them to herself.

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{ This might not be quite to community standard, but I don't have much time to work on it. +Cardin Winchester knows where this guy's from. }

Alex Reyes (Pronounced "Rise.")

[Godly Parent]
_Athena (Major Goddess of Skill, intelligence, wisdom, warfare, and other stuff.)

[Age & B-Day]
17; July 21. (Third year.)


Look at the picture.

Lean muscled, thin, seemingly frail body, but still strong enough to lift his own weight with ease.

[Usually Wears]
Generally dark clothes, but has no real preference, most of the time. Sometimes wears a slim, form fitting, long sleeved black shirt, with a vest over it which contains survival supplies. Also wears a necklace with metal roses. Other than that, he usually wears the camp shirts.
Photographic memory, high battle skill, quick reflexes, can use basically anything around him as a weapon, an expert spear thrower, and extremely dexterous.

A Glaive made from Celestial Bronze, a mid-sized buckler that he sometimes uses as a blunt weapon, and a Stygian Iron short-sword (A Gladius) that remains at his side at nearly all times.

A paint Pegasus named Aria, and a Great Horned Owl named Gimp.

Reading, listening to music, racing up the climbing wall, practicing combat, crafting (Sculptures and stuff like that), talking, running, climbing, jumping, and just about anything that gets the adrenaline going.

Calm, not easily startled, always smiling, tends to zone out and daydream often, normal people might think him to be oblivious, or even blind, though he isn't, and is somewhat an adrenaline addict.

[Relationship Status]

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I'm just there a councillor for the Hephaestus cabin?

Would anyone like to train with my OC?

What's the profile layout? What do I need to include into my profile?

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Name: Astrapi

Nickname: Astra

Godly parent: Zeus

Years at camp: 0

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: Relaxed, humble, modest, firm, and a strong leader

Basic appearance: ink-black hair, fair skin. Sky-blue irises. He wears a T-shirt and combat armor under his cloak.

Demigod powers: septokinesis(50% control, to manipulate lightning), atmokinesis(50% control, to manipulate air)

Weapon: see picture; it is made of Celestial Bronze, steel, and Imperial Gold

Pets: a large silver-furred wolf named Wolf


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Part of the Hephaestus cabin

Name: Lizbeth Camarillo-Perez

Meaning of name: Greek- God is Satisfaction Lily flower. Last names are part of her mother and adoptive father- Chamber Royal son of peter

Nicknames: Lizzy or L.C.P. Only friends can call her Liz Liz

Godly Parent: Hephaestus. ( Major God; God of fire/metal working/stone masonry/ forges/ the art of sculpting/artisans.) Although she was taught to fight by herself

Age and bday: 18; June 22 1995 ( she's been going to camp for the last 6 years.)

Height: 5'8

Appearance: Tanned skin, lovely brown eyes, long wavy dark (almost black) brown hair that is usually loose or up in a ponytail (sometimes dyes or cuts her hair). Despite her refusal to wear bracelets while working in the forges multiple times, but she only wears bracelets during a special occasions.

Body build: Athletic. Is stronger than she looks

Usually wears: Different colored hoodies from time to time, dresses, skirts/shorts, sneakers, heels, or steel toed boots, different cloaks (despite the picture shows one of her cloaks), and a simple silver cross necklace with amethyst gems. (Gift from dad to protect herself)

Skills/abilities: Fire magic, sword fighting, really good with weapons, has taught herself to read people, can usually kick almost anybody's ass, run 1 mile but isn't that fast, and skillfully at hiding her emotions.

Weapon/s: Enchanted and Cursed, two celestial scythes that can harness her elemental power and that of any who have powers over elements, which can both turn to two sided scythes. She's good with anything though like her sword, Xena

Pet/s: A female raven named Violet, and a silver wolf named Stormbringer

Personality: Kind, quiet, caring, can be sweet but when she's reading or building something or even singing, LEAVE HER ALONE, likes to play with fire literally and figuratively, likes to read, writing, thoughtful, friendly, likes to sing much to the suprise of her siblings, likes weapons sometimes better than humans, weird, doesn't think about realationships that often, depressed, and fiery

Hobbies: MAKING WEAPONS, Reading, oddly enough writing, being alone, being weird, most sports, singing from time to time, exercising, making combat skills for people, adventuring, and playing with her fire ability or WEAPONS!

Relationship status: Still Single

Crush: Not sure about dating

(Please note any mistakes and I'll change them)
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Councillor of Ares Cabin

Name: Kashitoi Hito
Godly parent: Ares
Years at camp: 2
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Hito is a shy and secluded person, but once opened up, reveals himself to be intelligent, outgoing, brave, and respectful to all
Basic appearance: Hito is 6'0", has green hair and green eyes, wears brown khakis, a white shirt and black undershirt, and a hat on his head
Demigod powers: Hito is able to summon dark red weapons of war, such as swords, axes, lances, and up to three arrows, able to control them with his will, although the arrows don't travel well, they tend to waver in the air and may dissipate or land prematurely
Weapon: He uses his ability to fight, he doesn't use weapons
Pets(if any): None

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