To join the KJGE Clan please press the ask to join button. Next go to the Register page. (Located in the panel that says "all posts, Discussion, exc.) There will be a post that says "Comment your username" Comment a username that you will use in that lets us know you are in our clan. This username must include the tag ҜĴgǝ ۞. For example my name would be ҜĴgǝ ۞ ŞᗩỮя. The next step is for me to watch you play, If we think you have the skills to be part of the clan, you will be approved. If we think you need a bit more practice you will be notified via google +. If you are approved into the community, you are now in the clan. Once you are approved your name will be added to the "Members" list. Now you may post updates, and post if you are on a server and want our clan to join you. For more information please email us at Thank you for visiting ҜĴgǝ.

Please comment your desired username. Remember to include the tag, ҜĴgǝ ۞.

Welcome to the member zone, this is where members will communicate!
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