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I started putting some CRC-related resources on a Mightybell space:

Posts easily get lost in Facebook and G+ streams, so I thought that might provide a good way to index key articles and videos.

Priscilla wrote in the FB group,

"We REALLY need some posts from parents or people who can address traditional expectations - for the parents who want their child to "graduate" from a good college and how they have let go so their child won't have a nervous breakdown or can at least follow the different path that calls to them with at least a little parental support. 

This is a recurring theme in my inbox as I hear from people :-( and makes me very sad."

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Welcome to College Reality Chat's G+ community.  The main site is at -- feel free to introduce yourself and ask for help as we develop this resource to help people discover options, have conversations, and make decisions about post-secondary options.
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