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+NIA Ops +Niantic +Ingress , Hello! My account is Vatura and I'm lvl 5 . I've been banned for no reason after playing with my friend last saturday (October, the seventh of 2017) in the north of France. Suddenly, it wasn't possible to hack anymore. A message explain to me that it's not possible to get items, appears on screen when I'am trying to hack. After one week, A kind of small artefact appears on my focus. A kind of green dome. I don't know what does it mean ? I received no notification by E_Mail about that.

I'am not a famous player, and I play sometime with my friend. I am not a Geek, but I would like to know what's happening ?

Could you help me to get back my account please ?

Michel Vellard

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No se si es ban pero aplico hack aun portal y no me da nada veo los portales, xm y puedo recargar pero si suelto items o armas no los veo pero si se descuenta de mi inventario


I rested in Montenegro (at the moment here), quietly traveled the country in a rented car. visited interesting places, of course with me was a scanner and it was fun and interesting, not counting the indignation of my girl about my hobbies ingress on vacation. Yesterday we must go to Albania. the trip should have been productive, since in this country very few players ingress. but when I arrived there, I found out that had banned for unknown reason. I could not believe it. wrote in support, but it seemed to me that they answered with standard phrases. I tried to understand what happened, but I can only guess: I used VPN for work, I could enter to ingress via vpn, I inserted the local sim card into my wifi router. knowing that the location can be determined by wifi, I assumed that the router could become determined somewhere else and could throw me somewhere, when there was no signal gps - climbing the monastery. still from assumptions - I have an iphone 5s with ios 8.1 and jailbreak, but it again needs work for me, I'm an engineer in a cellular operator, and Andrew Krug said that this is not forbidden, although it is not welcomed. still the matter is that I actively moved around the country and did any kind of action such as seizing portals. it might seem to the system that I'm doing it too fast. I do not know. I'm an honest player, never used the jailbreak capabilities to be unfair play. I belong to many communities, I participate in operations and this happens. besides, I just seized many portals in Montenegro and was going to do it in Albania, but fail. even if the support is pity, I'm afraid I will not be able to charge the portals for the guard medal. in Russia it is almost impossible to get it through dishonest activity monitoring, as I believe.

Ps. My agent name Mafetx , request number is 505686

Please, recheck your anticheat algorithm +Niantic Project +Nia Ops +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug

If i need to change mobile phone to another, i will do this, if it will be required condition.

This account will soon be deleted. Please feel free to follow me on my new account Bludestiney by linking to

Look forward to seeing you all soon.


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Hi all,

Today i've received an email inform that my account has been terminated - IDevilFireI
I play since beginning and always try to play according the rules. If you detected a wrong procedure from me, I want to know what happend, because if really happened, it wasn't consciously.

I open already a ticket (491751) to expose this situation.

Could you review this situation? +Niantic Project​​​, +NIA Ops​​​, +Niantic​​​
Can you help in this case: +Anne Beuttenmüller​​​ and +Andrew Krug
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Hi Niantic

Please could you confirm why my Ingress account (TGetsHealthy) has been terminated. I've received a generic "do not reply" e-mail with the below text, but don't understand what's going on...

I've not been playing Ingress as much recently because I've been a lot more involved in Pokemon Go, however I often pop online on a Wednesday evening when I meet some other Ingress / Pokemon Go players for boardgames at one of our local pubs, and pop on to check my local "sofa portal" a couple of times a week. On Pokemon Go, I've arranged raid chat groups, etc., and have built up more of a community on there than I have on Ingress, but I'm still gutted because it's taken me ages to get to Level 8 and I'm nowhere near level 16!

I realise that the Pokemon Go and Ingress accounts are probably linked because I use the same Google login for both. I know that I use an IV calculator that is probably pushing the ToC for Pokemon Go, but have never had any problems with it (although I'm worried that this is the problem, so have stopped using it), and I know that my GPS sometimes drifts (on both Pokemon Go and Ingress), especially when I'm on wifi - either at my house, or the two local pubs I go to - but all the things specified in the e-mail are all the things I actively fight against on Pokemon Go (people caught "spoofing" are blocked from the raid chat I've organised, and we always use private groups so spoofers can't join in, etc), and don't even know how to do it myself! It sounds complicated!

I'm not sure what you think the problem is with my account, or how to fix it?

Please advise / help?
Tracey (TGetsHealthy)
Leeds, UK

E-mail received:

Your account has been terminated for violations of the Ingress Terms of Service, including the section on Conduct, General Prohibitions, and Niantic's Enforcement Rights. This includes, but is not limited to, falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Ingress clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.

This message is being sent from an unmonitored email inbox. Please do not reply to this email."

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1vod and fatman and reddog need be removed they treat people like chit
reddogblue dog has stalked me and sat outside my home and watched my house without my husband home he has started so much mess he stalks me and my husband when he comes into town in whitmire

What would be the best option to Support those agents, well know legits Players but their accounts were banned... without any kind of notification?

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