2 years later-- My 17th birthday! Finally came, anyway.. Let's get started on this next part of da RP! (I'm actually 9 irl)

Mack finally comes out with Macey, I snuggle into Jonte and ignore Mack and Macey! Macey mutters to Mack "Bruh, They're together AGAIN!". I hear it and go to attack Macey, but Mack shoves me away and Jonte takes my hand and we started walking again, I glare at Macey. Mack suddenly collapses! Me and Jonte walk on and leave them behind.

Walks upto the house. I cringe and say to Macey.. " I hate this place already.." Macey walks in and she finally says "me too"! We get past this creepy figure who's eyes kept following us. "Macey, shall we go now?" I say, Macey says "the door is locked!!". I walk fast trying to get past everything. I then loose on where Macey is. I walk back 2 steps and i felt something touch my ass! I scream loud and clear, someone whispered in my ear, "Follow me". I fell down to the floor and started crying for Macey. Not until Jedd and Mack came and gently, Jedd touch my lips with his never ending, soft touched lips. I look up and see Jedd just moving away, and Mack holding my hand. Mack then disapeared and Jedd say down next to me and hugged me really tight, i wipe my tears away and cuddle into Jedd. Right infront of me, he kissed me! Mack comes back with Macey. Macey jumps down from his shoulders and hugs me tight. I start to close my eyes. Jedd shouts "shes starting to loose blood!". Mack grabs Macey and keeps her away, whilst Jedd cries. Mack pushes Jedd away and Mack places his hand on my chest. "She is not breathing!" Jedd firmly says, crying and wineing.
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