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The Fruit Tree Experience

The Charge
I am asking you to start projects which have the aim of planting fruit trees at schools, institutions, NPO's, public open spaces and at every participating landowner all over the world. Planting of fruit trees provide a lifelong provision of fruit and thus the correct kind of nutrition for all children, families and communities.
Why are we paying for natures products which are suppose to be free for all

The Reason
The motivation for your involvement would be four fold.
1. Firstly it would be due to the high prices of fruit and food
2. Secondly it would be because of the current wastage taking place as a result of the organised local and international markets
3. The third motivation would be the agricultural methods used regarding fertilizers and insecticides as well as the inorganic, hormone boosted mass production and preservation of food just to make money.
4. Fourthly it would be because of the increasing use of mechanical methods to produce our fruit and food which directly take away the self-existence of millions of people across the globe

The Principle
The principle is simple. Everyone involved takes ownership of the trees they plant, care for them, and distribute the fruit within their schools, family circles and communities, or just plant the trees and let them grow and ask other people to look after them. Try to plant organically as far as possible (thus no inorganic fertilizers, growth hormones etc.) and if at all possible, try to harvest the food only in the 5th year as our Creator ask of us Wayyiqra 19 v23 to v25

(You can do the experiment yourself and plant 2 trees, one organic and one with man made fertilizers like the farmers do. Keep both going - one organic and the other one just as you wish - but in the fourth year you dedicate the fruit of the organic tree to the Most High Creator and eat of the tree's fruit then only in the fifth year. You will see for yourself which tree yields the best as from the 5th year onward - and compare costs if you want to )

The Possibilities
Imagine a whole city full of fruit trees. Avocados, Bananas, Oranges, Peaches, Olives, Grapes, Nuts and many more
Don't plant any other trees than fruit trees that grow in you area.

How to do it
Collect seed, find out how to germinate them, plant them and then replant them when they are bigger in the place where you want to
Get or buy trees which are already stronger and go plant them (if organic good but otherwise just plant them)
Get your children, family, friends and community involved TODAY
There is no time to loose



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Not for the ordinary but for those serious about their well being - Body Mind Soul
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