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Yo if this isn't allowed, just ask, I'll take it down if you need me to.
Do you enjoy Pokemon? Have you ever considered roleplaying? How about taking the role as your own character, or maybe a canon character, whatever floats your boat, and fighting as one of the evil teams in the Pokemon games? Taking two canon teams, ie Team Rocket and the like, two spinoff teames, ie from the Rangers games, or an original team itself? Well then maybe you'd like to try UMG, currently within its second arc. Allowing for casual and clashing roleplay, again, whatever floats your boat, Pokemon United Meeting Grounds has 6 teams every arc, this arc holding its own specific roster:
Team Flare, aiming for genocide
Team Plasma, aiming to protect all Pokemon
Team Cipher, aiming to end the world with shadow Pokemon
The Pokemon Pinchers, aiming to become rulers of the Pokemon World underworld
Team Purity, aiming to wipe out all Pokemon
and Team Frost, the team which I lead, aiming to freeze over the world.

If you seem interested, please, feel free to stop by and check it out, don't be a stranger. You can't start out with any legendary Pokemon either, and if you need a profile template, don't be afraid to ask the mods. Anyway, thanks for your time.

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We must purge the sinners

what is this

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So, this community is closing down. It really wasn't worth it and when the owner left leaving the account to somebody else, the place fell apart. So my recommendation? Go to UMG. It's a place not too different from his one except it has a better modsquad, cooler teams, and even has activity, with the arc not too far from starting. Go there and join it.

Okay, so looking at this, this place IS too much of an NML clone, and I don't want it to die or anything, especially seeing the member count, so I've come up with a proposition for this community that I think should be enforced:

We change the arc while it's not too terribly late to do so and center the arc around the region of Ransei, making the overall objective to conquer all of Ransei, which has 17 regions in total. Maybe, we add some Fire Emblem Elements to the rp, like keep a story and stuff, but like, if we continue living like an NML Clone, we're going to die. And we aren't starting members off as Warlords either, but rather, if you want to create your own team, you recruit them like an ffa. You can recruit people from different places, not just one place, and create your team. I recommend perhaps a limitation on Pokemon allowed as it will make things much more interesting. Lastly, Ransei is still somewhat medieval, but yeah, there might be an objective behind it, and fighting others will be okay, etc. etc. So, what do you all think?

Okay so, how do i start? do I just make my OC? im so shy i dont even know why im asking ugh trys to calm down

We'll start up the arc next week getting big shit done. Until then feel free to post intros and such

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Prologue: Waves of a New Day
[Hoenn Region]
[It’s been proven time and time again that history always repeats itself. Violence, war, destruction, death. And once more, the prophecy of ever repeating cycles is fulfilled as a final battle ensues. On the side being invaded, Groudon appears, a roar erupting in the nearby mountains as it prepares for battle. And on the invading side, Kyogre appears, waving its fins as it lets out a death defying screech. The leader of the team being attacked grits his teeth. This was Magma’s final stand. Aqua, the assailants, prepare for the final battle, as they march forth.]

[Storm clouds form overhead. Thunder begins to echo across the canyons. Lightning cracks down striking the ground like messengers of death, killing anything that comes into contact. The rain pulverizes the field like non-lethal bullets. And then all is still. Both sides stop as they meet the others eye on the plane. The gaze is unbroken as the groups attempt to read the others next move. With a snap of the fingers, the Aqua leader engages as Kyogre screeches again, a scream soon to only be challenged by those of bloody murder.]

[A terrible disaster ravages every shore, tsunamis beating down, followed by rain almost as if someone had taken the ocean and dropped it from the sky. The world was coming apart.]

[Kanto Region]
[The very surface of the earth shakes as the Rocket Base erupts into chaos. No one knows what’s going on. Nobody except Soval. The young boy had heard of Aqua and been offered a place in their quest when he was a few years younger. It had been offered to both him and Clint. But Rocket had raised the orphans. The orphans used to always get into trouble, robbing stores, pickpocketing, until they picked the wrong pocket of a member of Team Rocket. Being dragged back, the man had been impressed, and offered them a place there. Taking it up, the two had grown up learning to fen only for them and their teammates. However, Clint wasn’t present. He had gone to Hoenn to meet his parents after learning that they were still alive. Knowing what would soon happen, Soval attempted to warn his comrades, but no one would listen. Then the water began to seep in through the walls and under the door of the building. With his high rank of executive being presented at such a young age for all of his accomplishments, one would have thought his teammates would have listened to him and trusted him to get them out. Only a small number of grunts accompanied him before another large quake. Thuds accompanied it with their own thuds, each time getting closer and harder upon impact. It was only as the large chunks of rock and rubble, boulders and mud, did the grunts finally realize what was going on. The leader had been killed in the impact, being only a few feet, following Soval, when the first boulder hit. A majority of Team Rocket had died, and more were drowning, grasping for a place to hold onto. In the remains of the base, Soval climbed to the roof, seeing a shadowed assailant making his way out of the wreckage as he woke up. As he reached the high point, Soval grimaced. It couldn’t be…]
[In the rain, tears stream down Soval’s face as the water begins to rise higher and higher around the area of land in Kanto. He knows that staying atop the Rocket base means suicide. But he doesn’t care. The tears roll as a grim face appears, and as the grim fades, it shifts into a look of pure, blind hate. He had grown up with Clint, just to be betrayed by him. His team and comrades had died in the flood Aqua had caused. And only now is his best friend telling him about it? Not only was flooding the world something that Soval couldn’t support, but the fact that Clint hadn’t even warned him. His family had died earlier that day in an avalanche caused by the raging hurricane, and only now he got a heads up? Growling, panting, crying, fighting… But no longer could the shackles of self-restraint hold him back. Drawing his trusty blade, pointing it at the boy he had once loved as a brother, a scowl upon his face, his hair shadowing every bit of his upper face, the only part showing being his mouth, he spoke.]
[“Clint…? What’s the meaning of this?”]
+Eli Weston, when you get your profile up, let's start the arc
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After some confusing night, we finally have a list of Team Leaders, ain't that nice?

Team Aqua will be led by +Eli Weston

Team Rocket will be led by myself, +Meadows the Enigmatic

Neo Plasma will be led by +Neal The Platinum Champion 

Team Flare will be led by +Zeo Eurless \\Yegar 

Team Galactic will be led by +Shiяo 

Team Cipher will be led by +bambi 

Profiles are going to be allowed to go up at approximately 12:00 P.M. U.S. Time on May the 19, 2016, which is also when our first event of the arc will occur that will allow the leaders and those they would like to have with them establish their story of the Aqua incident. That is all, prepare for glory, and have a wonderful night.
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Now that we finally got at least one person interviewed for each team, I'd like to make an announcement. Interviews will be closing some time this week, and while we have no specific date, we are edging towards Saturday to give this community a little more members and see if they will try out. If not, then the arc will launch some time next week. That's all for now, thanks, Meadows out.
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