hey hey hey. back from doing a long week of school and work and all that good shit. but sorry for not being on lol.

Roleplay imformation about me

Name = Tidus
Game = Final Fantasy X
Age = 17
Home = Dream Zanarkand, Besaid
Status = Single and Bi
Gender = Male
Weapon = Sword
Loves = Blitzball and Fightning Monsters
Hates = My Dad Jecht and Being Alone
Hair Color = Dirty Blond
Eye Color = Blue
Race = Human
Occupation = Blitzball Player and Guardian
Height = 5'9 (175 cm)
Laterality = Right Handed
Overdrive = Swordplay

That is all btw if you want to be friends with me go ahead and add me i Will add you too of course and lets roleplay if you want i am a very nice person and help in anyway i can if something is wrong do tell me i wont tell anyone i promise greets from me Tidus ^^

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Oh my god my voice! If only you could hear my voice right now!

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Let's share...chocolate lovers!!

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Aoko took Sora's keyboard for 2 minutes than gave it back

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Riku Meets Lunacrist (Aoko's Nobody)

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Thanks for inviting me and making me a mod ;)

Replaying the first game... I still suck at gaming XD


Thank you for inviting me!
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