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Name: T.J. Garner
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Morphine: Cyber Reader (C.R. Morpher)
Rank: N/a
Child of:
Nationality: African
Sexuality: Stright
Race: Human
Animal spirit: Wild Cat
Personality: Cool, Fun loving, Stubborn at times, Very Creative, Nerdy
Weapon: Bo Staff/Escrima Sticks
Hobbies: Playing music, making music, video games, filming
Skills: Capoeira mixed with other fighting styles, parkour, and very athletic
Color: Black
likes: (See Hobbies)
Dislikes: Failure, people who don't try
Bio: (coming soon)
Crushes: none at the moment
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Name: Sakura ran.
Age: 15.
Gender: female.
Morphine: the crescent moon necklace.
 Rank: second in command.
Child of: zordon.
Nationality: japanese.
Sexuality: bisexual.
Race: whatever zordon is and human.
Animal spirit: wolf.
Personality: stubborn, quiet, sly, smart, shy, hot tempered, shy, cold, distant, cruel, nice, caring and kind.
Weapon: whip.
 Hobbies: running, swimming, reading, singing and dancing.
Skills: Color:blue.
 Likes: her books and friends.
Dislikes: bullies and mean people.
Bio: secret.
Crush: open.
 Others: n/a.
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