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Name: Travis Underwood
Magic: Spirit, Shadow, and Death Magic
Age: 18
Likes: Music and Friends
Dislikes: Bullies
Bio: you need to find that out yourself
Height: 6'2

I am meditating in the ruins of a shadow temple when I hear something and...
(Male or female, anything can happen.)

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Name: Fayynyle
Nickname: Fayy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Element: Shadow/Darkness
Pet: Shadow named Kage
Weapons: Scythe and axe
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: Short 5'4"
Bio: She left her parents at the age of 10 when her home was under attack. She told them she would return but when she did everything was gone. She went off on her own after that.
Likes: Wolves, vultures, darkness, night, stars and fire
Dislikes: Cats, eagles, light, day, sun and water
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Name: Panther
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Element: Shadow/Dark magic/Spiritual
Pet: Male wolf named Bane
Bio: Ever since Panther was a young girl, she was alone. One day she was being bullied, and when she started to cry she glowed blue and became an elemental. She is solitary and quiet. She is usually found in dark places meditating or practicing dark magic. BFF is Bane, her spiritual Protecter.
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I walk through an old ruin of a spirit temple I wonder what they did here it seems I trail off as I spot something in the distance what's that. I walk to shere I see the thing

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Name: AranKanoamarth(Quenya for King/commander of Doom)
Nickname: Commander
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Element(s): Air (Main), Earth, Darkness, and Lightning.
Pet: Wolf.
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((Open)) Walks through a cave smiling I wonder if there are caves inside this cave. I stop in front of a wall of crystals These are all so pretty! turns and sees you Hi! Nice to meet you I'm Luna who are you

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Name:Luna Sakura
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Element: Water, Wind, Spirit
Pet: A spirit fox
Bio: Born in nobility she was put under strict rules from education to social she just got the freedom to go as she please
Looks: please look at picture then pet is also in the picture

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Name: Ruth Lockwood
Elements: Darkness
Bio: Killed family accidentally with powers and ran away from everyone
Name: Silica Adjoy
District: 2
Weapon: Knives and Strength
Appearance: long brown hair, green eyes
Skills: Stealthy, fast, quiet and strong
Age: 14

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Name: darkshade
Gender: male
Elment: shadows
Bio: got thrown out city for being different
Dislikes: bullies and light
Likes: friends and people to hang out with
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