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This 1/8 dex priest had prot in a lab. When the 2nd boss began firing his narrow string shots, he thought he was tuff and activated his prot while standing like an idiot and died.

kevin and succnull are gone now
and i will be gone after this post

have fun. gl current mods

Thanks for accepting!

That's all I have to say.

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tf is this cancer hole

+Takumi Fukuzawa
Thanks for accepted me

I want you to put your information
About you (in rotmg) on here as you are admin

Does anyone have an active guild that I'm able to join? I don't care about if it opens keys or what not, i just like having people to play with. I dont Discord btw ( that's not my cup of tea)

So, can I get mod in this one since im a mod in the other one?
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