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This community is old omg

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! WELL! This seems like it could use/neED some filling UP with ideas! Well! I had a thought- ! WHAT IF- There a 1-year-old mod! If you've seen the photo shops of toddlers, they made them look like, early 2s, or late 1s, we could make a trait for toddlers (only) that could make them 1, or in they're early 2s.

Is this a sims community of what I have not seen any sims things and plz no voodoo i am uncomfortable with that.

Ok i had a dream that there was a bird mom mod in the sims four with pearl in it-

It also turned people with the name of pearl in sims for into salt

Clears throat  UNDERTALE Drops mic
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