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Princess Giselle.

Family (If any): 
My husband, Robert Phillip and my step-daughter, Morgan.


I have no powers, well... unless you count talking to animals and making pretty dresses.

Why You Are Angry: 
Well, because it's a new experience.
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(( going off of already evil Once Upon A Time Pan ))

Pan Never Fails
Name Peter Pan
Age I don't have an age
Gender Male
Bio Well, the OUAT Pan sold his son for eternal youth (that's right, Pan's a daddy!). He has many magical abilities and is basically an evil bastard 👍🏻. BUT HE'S HOT. VERY VERY HOT. And, well, Pan Never Fails!
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Name: Snow White
Family: The Dwarfs
Movie: Snow White and the seven dwarfs
Powers: I don't need powers
Why are you angry: My stepmother tried to kill me bc im the prettiest!

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Name: Rapunzel
Family: Not anymore
Movie: Tangled
Powers: My hair
Why you are angry: My parents abandoned me, Mother Gothel used me for her youth, and Eugene left me to die! Why shouldn't I be!?
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