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Im new to the community and I need some advice.
Im making a totally different land of ponies and I am making 4 guardians of the different seasons/islands. There will be 5 islands, Winter Kingdom, Spring Kingdom, Summer Kingdom, Autumn Kingdom, and the island in the middle, Safaia Island. The different guardians are named off gods/goddesses. They are not all alicorns but they all have the same amount of power. The only alicorn is this one.

This pony here is the winter guardian, Skadi. (Btw they all have tails like that) I don't have like any backstory thought of but I have ideas.

Age: ??? (Im still deciding if it should be like a reasonable age or just imortal like Celestia and Luna)
Idea for Bio: Maybe she alwayed loved winter, or, always liked being in the cold, had a lonely past and had to stay ouside or idk

All their backstories will have something to do with their love for the seasons or uniting under one empire or like that.

Feel free to leave advice for my new land.
Thanks for reading and leaving your advice.


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This is the 2nd guardian/ summer guardian for my kingdoms

His name is Helios. (all guardians are gods. Helios is the god of summer)

Age: Imortal (duh, cause he is a god)
Gender: Stallion
Ideas for bio: still not sure for him, like summer his whole life, discovered his fire powers somewhere (not sure), people doubt him cause hes a earth pony,

Still working out all bios for guardians/ gods.

Feel free to leave advice for my new land.
Thanks for reading and leaving your advice.

Thanks to who ever invited me.

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How is my oc?
Name: Risum Gackern (Risum is Latin for smile and Gackern is German for cackle)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Relationships with canon ponies: None

Species: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: A smiley face

CM purpose: Can make anyone smile and his smile never goes away (if you delve more into it, it can get creepy)

Parents or an orphan: Has parents, but they moved of Equestria when he turned 18

Hobbies:Traveling, studying the Mythology of Equestria, smiling, laughing

Lover/Crush: None (surprisingly)

Special Powers: None

Any other special talents: A fast flier and a master code breaker

Royalty or high ranking: No

Royal Guard: No

Personality: Full of happiness, calm, smart, quick learner

Skills: Capable of flight, able to crack hard passwords, make anyone smile hence the cutie mark

Likes: Making everyone happy, smiles, capes and studying Equestrian mythology

Dislikes: Frowns, depression, non-believers of mythology

Bio: Risum is a regular pegasus who lived a simple life. He attended school, took flight classes and had a goal, make the world smile. He strived to become a comedian for anything, military, royalty, you name it. He travels Equestria to study mythology and see if the books are true. Mainly, he makes everypony happy, his goofiness and crafty jokes pay off. Although some think his cutie mark is slightly weird. But he's a good guy (or stallion) that wants to make anyone happy.

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Can I get some help on a bio?

Name: Plush
Nicknames: Squishy (Endowed to her by her friends

Gender: Mare
Age: 21
Species: Earth Pony

Hometown: Ponyville, Equestria
Current Residence: Ponyville, Equestria

Mane Color/Style/Length: White Mane with pinkish tint, refer to pictures for length and style

Coat Description: Soft and smooth with some fluff, beige

Eye Shape/Color: Normal Shaped eyes, a golden yellow

Accessories: Red and white scarf

Cutie Mark: Undecided/none

Family: Sister: Pepper

Friends: "Will fill in and update later"

Personality: Buoyant and happy, caring and willing to help others

Flaws: A bit rude at times, over-defensive, slightly vain, clingy at times

[Character History]

[Current Home]
Plush currently resides in Ponyville, helping and spending her time with sister and others
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I Uh need a little help with my OC Aries. She is a little weird and she is lovely but I want her to have antlers like a sheep
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So this oc is for FNAF.

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I need help with traditional pony art 

I need your help making me a oc I wanted to be a bat pony with a gear and sword for a cutie mark

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