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Name:swagy SIEGE hail
 Sexuality: self/jews
 Pets Personality: hates normal people who cant get on his level
Bio:hes hitler
 which class they would like to be in: Gas rooms

WARNING:this is a joke profile but 35 likes it will become real (ha i win there's no way you guys will find this edit)

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Classes: Dubstep Remix and nightcore
Name: DJ
Age: 20
Sexuality: straight
Classes: in school Music, art, Science, Social studies, English, and P.E.
To-be: a DJ
Likes: his crush, music, making music, and Dubstep Dislikes: people that are rude to him, his crush, and his friends
Looks: has a grey scarf, blue DJ Sunglasses, his hair is blue white and gray, has a watch and his cutie mark is 2 speakers
Gender: Male
Realtives: none
Relationship: Single
Personality: kind, tough, funny, loves to laugh, helps people in need, loves kids, and would never leave someone hurt alone
Hobbies: making music
Bio: ???


Name: Kylee Mason 

Age: 18

Species: Furry, Wolf

Gender: Female

Pets: None 

Personality: Funny, Sarcastic. 

Class: Nightcore 

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Anyoneee I have time now so YAYYYYYYYYYY 

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This is me. (Art not mine)

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Name: Draco
Age: 20
Classes: math social studies science English music art P. E.
To-be: ???
Likes: animals music art culture History and Science
Dislikes: Math at times cause she can't get most questions right and it's hard for her
Looks: a purple straight haired person who has a black jacket an old school shirt 2 golden bracelets earnings a cross necklace and white headphones
Gender: Female
Realtives: she doesn't have any
relationship: Single
Personality: kind hearted tough strong sometimes can't stand up for herself mean if you mess with her friends never gives up
Hobbies: drawing singing
Bio: ???

Name: Maxwell Hinkley

Gender: Male


Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Single

Appearance: Blue with black headphones

Bio: I'm just another guy with a bit more money. I hope to enjoy your school!

Is in my dorm alone and is laying on the bed. Idon'tknowI'mbored
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