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I've written out a draft of some of the playbooks for the high-fantasy game I'm working on, inspired by a friend deciding they wanted to play characters like Sauron or Smaug instead of Aragorn or Frodo. This game takes heavy inspiration from mythology and high-fantasy tropes, as well as games like Exalted, High-level D&D, and Godsend.

These playbooks are for the Primal, a being that is more like a force of nature than an actual creature, inspired by dragons, Fenris the wolf from Norse mythology, and the like, and the Immortal, an undead, construct, elf, or otherwise unaging being, inspired by the likes of Celabrimbor (hope I spelled that right) from the shadow of war video games, and the T'lan Imass from the Malazan book of the Fallen.

Any critiques or thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Maybe some of you will play it :)
Pink Mohawk v2 is out now.
A complete, standalone World of Dungeons/pbtA hack for Shadowrun. Enjoy!

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The 2nd edition of my World of Dungeons hack for Shadowrun :)
Tomorrow: Pink Mohawk 2nd edition
One of my most downloaded rpgs just got better :)

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Continuing my recap of our co-MC'ed Apocalypse World game. Last session we lost the captain of the Carnival. Now we deal with the rudderless crew and introduce a new player character, a mystic rival to the tribal. Has Hiccup been corrupted? Are there really reavers at their next port of call? Will the gunlugger seize control of the ship?

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Legacy: The Next World is live! Three new books for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, including a bunch of rules tweaks, playbooks, adventures, essays, and a brand new Slavic fantasy setting for the game:

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re-introducing the Horseman

+Johnstone Metzger once gave me permission to convert his Heralds of Hell playbooks into legal-size format, and now he has given me permission to update the Heralds to 2nd edition. This is the second one, the Horseman, with all new artwork provided by +Mimi Mallah

I think I’ve figured out how to do shields and magical armour/weapon magic in my Glorantha Hack, but could use some extra pairs of eyes on it.

It’s based on standard AW conventions for weapons, harm and armour. A decent sword or axe can do 3 harm and a decent set of the best armour gives 2 amour. The premise is that using a shield should effectively give you an extra point of armour in some circumstances. You can also get up to a+1 harm and/or +1 armour from magic. Within those assumptions I need a system where no character is ever completely invulnerable.

Fight in Close Combat
When you fight in close combat, nominate an opponent
within reach with which to exchange Harm as established,
then roll+Might. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, they choose one against you:
•You inflict terrible harm (+1 harm).
•You suffer less harm (-1 harm, or -2 if you have a protective weapon).
•You ignore armour provided by any protective weapon they are using such as a shield.
•You gain the advantage: take +1 forward, or give +1 forward to an ally.
•You force them where you want them.
•You seize or hold some objective by force.
•You win free and get away
•You force your way through

[weird strikeout fixed]

Shields have the ‘protective’ tag. NPCs with a protective weapon get +1 armour by default, but note a PC can negate that using the move. Conversely PCs must take a pick on a hit to gain the extra protection of a shield.

I think this does what I want. The most armour an NPC will have is 4 armour (2 mail, +1 magic, +1 shield). But a character with a 3 harm sword and no magic can on a 10+ negate the shield and inflict terrible for 4 harm against the 3 remaining armour.

Conversely a PC with 2 armour mail and +1 armour magic is still vulnerable against a 3 harm adversary. On a miss the PC gets no protection from the shield and the opponent can inflict terrible for a total of 4 harm.

Can anyone see any problems? Better ways to do it? The move is a bit of a kitchen sink, but spitting it creates its own problems IMHO but maybe there’s a way?

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All Things Under Heaven is my folkloric fantasy game about discovery, exploration, and landscape in a setting inspired by feudal Japan and dynastic China.

I began writing it just over a year ago. It is now open for public playtest over at:

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Final hours to back RPG "Ancient Worlds: Atisi" crowdfunding!

Can someone suggest some Magic Girl games? My daughter wants to play something Sailor Moon related (yet I know I'll probably surprise her with some Madoka Magica in the end).
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