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You can get the latest playtest documents at the link here.

The text has been sent to the editor, and I have updated the playtest PDF and play materials for you to try out.

After that - more playtests, and once me and +Steve Hickey have got the text wrangled to "almost finished" it will be time to set up the Kickstarter. My plan is to have a very fancy limited edition hardcover printed, plus digital or POD for those on a budget.

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I've just finished writing up a streamlined new playtest draft and scenario for Confusion, a minicon here in Wellington coming up on Saturday.

Currently it's in a state of "good enough for me to run it this weekend" but a new playtest draft is coming up after that (and after I finish up a bunch of Monster of the Week stuff that also needs to be completed).

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#Kapcon report:

Games on Demand ran smoothly. A crazy number of games played.

Personally, I got in:
1. Fall of Magic (a melancholy one, we chose to let magic die in the world because of the evil the Magus had caused in the past).

2. Tales From The Loop. Sinister robots, an annoying communist (and spy!) father, and in response a great deal of vandalism of robots & associated devices.

3. Three Dooms. We survived volcano and vendettas before we ran out of time, but we figured the town was by then probably too weakened to continue through the flood that waited later in the deck (we peeked). Some really cool bits of history, especially around the vendetta - we had witchcraft, murders, duels, and multi-generational hatreds.

4. Life on Mars. A strained mission, with the Commander/Pilot balancing my Engineer and the Doctor who really didn't get on. In the end, the Doctor stayed on Mars, to protect Earth's biosphere from the life he discovered there.

5. Heavy Metal Æons. High velocity space opera in a high stakes Seven Samurai plot. To protect one colony village, they destroyed the empire's grand armada utterly. We had Starman the astronaut, Sigrid the beastmistresss, Crown-of-Stars the psychic veteran, and Reefer the star trooper. Crown died assaulting a marine training base and returned as a lich, if we played another episode I strongly suspect he would be the villain. Latest rules working well this morning.

6. Feng Shui. We played Weird Police 3: Raiders from the Distant Past. Many swordsmen and sorcerers were taken down, some even arrested using correct procedures! Some pretty cruel body shaming in the final battle, even if the targets were megalomaniac evil sorcerers that doesn't make it okay!

7. Monster of the Week (as a player!). We were all trapped in a creepy motel with a minor demon trying to summon his world-destroying boss. Lots of chaos but finally the divine and spell slinger saved the day with a little bit of help from the crooked and a really tiny, hardly enough to balance the annoyance, amount of help from my snoop. At least both the sound guy and intern survived! Sadly the intern ditched me, due to newfound faith (thanks to the divine) and also that I didn't pay her (exposure counts, right?)

Great con this year, every game top notch. Thanks to everyone who played in any of those, you were all fantastic!

Just ran a quick playtest of the new revision... it was a very successful playtest, by which I mean everything was terribly broken and I need to revise a bunch.

But I know what to revise, and that will be tomorrow's job.

I'm running it at Kapcon this weekend, so after that playtest-of-blood my next priority is getting a new playtest draft out for you all.

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Status update: Revising the hero archetype sheets. Someone decided to help with the Mystic Cat, as you can see here...

*Quick progress report*

I've been rather blocked on Heavy Metal Æons recently, but work is continuing slowly. The rules are (I think) in the shape I want them to be, but it needs some more playtests to confirm that.

Hopefully I can get those done soon, and then build a new playtest draft to share with you all. And then back into the main text to finish that up.

In the meantime, I've been working on a new version of an old game chef entry Three Dooms as well as the next take on my white whale project The Devil and the Deep.

Another playtest on Saturday, down at the Buckets of Dice con in Christchurch. We played through the Galactic Invasion: 2000AD scenario, starting in Paris.

We had Ascalon the sapient spear, Max Unger the road warrior, Sergeant Curtin the star trooper, Major Tom Gone the astronaut, and Rubi the vengeful revenant. Ascalon and Rubi, as we played, turned out to be left from a previous invasion of reptoids, waiting their chance to defend/avenge the Earth again.

They first dealt with the garrison in Paris, fighting the lizard Colonel and troopers, some lizard hovertanks, and the lizard wizard (in an epic flying battle involving a stolen reptoid transport, a magical lizard flying platform, and even the war rig).

A short time to regroup and they were in orbit to attack the broodhive. An initially stealthy landing soon turned into a comedy of catastrophes, and they blasted their way through the hive, releasing captive humans (including Rubi's cryo-suspended daughter!) and then facing the brood-king and broodlings on their way to the control nexus. The queen joined that battle and Major Gone was killed in the process of taking the queen out... his last words to the heroic survivors: "My work is done, man, time for me to join the Cosmos".

They landed the hive in the Pacific, drowning the remaining broodlings, and had a statue of the Major erected on the resulting island.

It was a fun and very productive game, with a bunch of ideas to go into the next revision (special thanks to +Steve Hickey, who played the sergeant and gave me some really good, detailed feedback that evening).

I'm happy that the foes seem to be about the right place in terms of challenge, now my focus is on playability and making sure everything is nicely intuitive when you play.

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I've revised the character sheet design this weekend. Interested to hear what people think. I've removed all character generation hints/guidance so it is purely stuff you need to reference in play, with less tiny text.
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