What do you guys think is the best way to take a few episodes to a friends house from my Plex collection of videos? Basically, looking for a way to easily connect a hdmi based device to a tv and be able to interface with it without having to go through the hassle of joining that device to their wireless network. Obviously it would either have onboard storage, use a usb stick, or somehow be able to connect directly to my iphone 6 and use its storage? Im figuring it has its own remote or i control it with my phone. Any suggestions? Maybe a pi3 with rasplex, case with built in battery? Im doubting you can interface with plex with straight bluetooth from my phone with the plex app. IDK. Suggestions?

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Any suggestions? 
Good day everyone! I am currently looking to upgrade my built desktop PC to better run +Plex​ on it... Currently it has a 2nd or 3rd generation Core I3 processor in it... pretty much everything runs fine on it with the exception of some newer movies that I've been adding which for the most part are encoded in x265 with usually 5.1+ DD sound... These movies literally MAX out all 4 cores of my CPU and it makes playing them impossible... I'm usually stuck converting them which takes forever and then if I am playing multiple streams, it still struggles to play both at the same time...

Long story short, I need to sort of futureproof my desktop for these higher quality videos... So I am putting together some goodies for my PC... I already have a tower, psu and the basic stuff to have a PC obviously... but I need some suggestions on a CPU, Motherboard, and possibly RAM too...

Tag a computer friend and/or someone who has a nice Plex Media Server setup...

#Plex #PlexMediaServer #IntelI7 #Intel #CoreI7 #DesktopPC

+Austin Evans​ any tips?? I know you've been my PC goto guy to watch on YouTube!

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+Plex​ the Android app notification needs a nougat style white makeover. 

I got the update today on Android to disable searching for Airplay Speakers but the box is checked and it's greyed out so I can't uncheck the box. Specifically, I want Sonos speakers removed from the list! You guys don't support them and I have 14! I was hoping this change would help!

Having all the Sonos speakers listed when they can't be used is so horrible. 

Have Plex server running on shield TV and I have ports forwarded but I still cannot access it remotely , direct connection unavailable can anyone help 

What's the best way to troubleshoot when no errors are present? Recently set up PMS on a QNAP NAS and can't get playback to work. No errors, just spinning loaders forever. Not quite sure where to start with troubleshooting here... Any ideas?

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My new year's resolution this year was to move everything (media and processing) to the cloud for a multitude of reasons.

I just finished Part II of my blog series on how I did it.


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So what do you think about this build it will be for a Plex server already have HDDs will have 4 4TB WD NAS HDD in software raid with Ubuntu server to run Plex do you think it will have enough processing power for 6 to 7 streams for remote access?

I know someone here Plexes with a Pi3. Assuming there's no transcoding needed, how well does it work? I want a dedicated Plex server I can set and forget kind of.

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+Plex​ does PlexIt use Plex "cloud" servers to serve online videos to my Plex clients? I have these things in my "watch later" list that is a hit and miss when trying to play it. Not to mention the hit and miss with "channels". I'm also beta testing Plex cloud, and experience this same error regularly. My conclusion is that all of these run through Plex's servers, and result in failed playback on my side.

I have a 20mbps download and upload fibre connection, have my nexus player running Plex connected via Ethernet, and am in South Africa.
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