Has anyone else experienced casting to Chromecast issues lately?
Now when I Cast from my Android phone to Chromecast the bottom movie menu pops up periodically, and the whole Chromecast will reboot after about 30 minutes of use.

i have 80+ DVD movies i purchased over the years that i want to rip & store on my Plex server. can anyone recommend (in australia) a service that will take my discs & rip them for me?

обмен библиотеками плекс сервер:

Starting a few days ago my Plex Server keeps shutting itself down.
I'm running Windows 10, Plex Version

I've tried every troubleshooting I can think of, and can't figure out what is causing it. Sometimes it will stay loaded for hours, sometimes only minutes and it shuts down (and icon disappears from Windows tray). It does this while playing content, while udating library and also when its sitting idle.

Any ideas?

Does anyone know when the live TV/DVR of Plex will be available for the xbox and/or the Roku version?

Cant hear audio when playing "original" vs. 720 on new Shield ? Any ideas?

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Any way to get Plex to read and play VOB files? Searching around, here is the solution I found:

Chromecast Locking Up after 20 mins I've been experiencing this for the past week or so. My Plex Library is on an external hard drive (WD MyCloud 4TB connected to my wifi router but run through my iMac that is always on and the drives are mounted). I access my Plex library from my phone (Samsung S7) just fine and try to Chromecast to my TV. After about 20 mins, the movie or show I'm watching just locks up. I have to fully turn everything off and back on to continue on. I thought maybe it was the Chromecast so I ran an update and even tried a different Chromecast...updating it and everything. I'm not sure why this is happening. Help? Things to try? Feedback? Thanks!

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Quick heads up: If you're upgrading your QNAP NAS to the QTS 4.3.3 firmware, you'll also need to switch the version of the Plex server from Intel 32-bit to Intel 64-bit. You can get it at the Plex downloads page here: https://www.plex.tv/downloads/

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Hey all, am upgrading my HTPC, its being used as Plex media server.
I need some advice on the processor selection.
Please keep on mind that it's running 24/7 so power consumption is a concern.
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Ryzen 7 1700x 3.4Ghz 8 core 16 threads
I7 7700 3.8/4.2 Ghz 4 core 8 threads
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