Plex announced awhile back that they were doing away with plugins. I'm probably one of the 2% that use it all the time. On that note does anyone know will there still be anyway a user will still be able to get plugins to work with Plex after they shut down channels section?

So Sad , But if they do close down Google +, Where will this Community Move?

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Anyone having audio issue with Solo: A star Wars Story on Plex? All my other 1080P movies are fine. I'm having choppy audio.

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Looks like Plex is getting rid of the Plugins as well. Closing some doors to many of the work arounds people were using to get some content.

how do i sign up for beta android player/client app?

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Hey guys and gals
I recently noticed that some of my tv show titles have combined and i dont know how to fix it so it doesnt happen again.
Ink Master seasons 1 - 4 and Ink Master Redemption Season 1-4 are now combined instead of being separate shows.(when you bring up the show it ask witch file you want to play)
Ink Master Angels do not do this.
This is a recent development (they were not like that when the shows were added.
I am now looking through other shows and have noticed it is happening on some of my (CSI and NCIS )Backups as well

Is there an Ambilight plug in for Plex? Or can a Kodi addon be used? I have the HelloHue installed but it just dims.

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Loaded Plex a couple of months ago onto my desktop PC for the purpose of seeing what this was all about. Not sure this is important but the software loaded was Plex Meda Server.

A couple of days ago setup Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS918+ and proceded to load Plex found in the applications section of the NAS.

Explored the features on the DS918+ then returned to the PC opened the Plex Media Server software and requested PlexPass and liked what I saw. The ability to scan through channels by time or Day, week etc, was great. So while on the PC scheduled some shows and waited.

Later the same day I logged into my Roku the recorded shows were ready and waiting to be viewed.

While sitting at the Roku and exploring the settings I noticed there was no way to schedule recordings as I did on my desktop PC?

What this boils down to is this; why does this screenshot show up on my PC but not by Roku?

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