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I'm an EXPERT in Mario Kart 7😎
Anyone wanna join my community?

Do you'll have the world records for mario kart 7

Somebody tell me how to connect with each other

Hey everyone my gamer name is Whizkid
Please join my community that's we can play some epic Mario Kart.

Code: 38-9167-3823-4461

Join 37-6540-1398-5223
Name: Blooper Cup21

my name is SwagTeen18

the party starts tonight from 7-10 PM

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Like Mario Kart 64? Well this community is for you!! Here are some rules before joining:
1-Mario,Luigi,Peach,Bowser,Yoshi,DK,Toad and Wario ONLY
2-Pipe Frame ONLY
3-Since there is only 3 N64 tracks, any retro tracks are allowed
Community code is 21-0153-1335-0718 and I'm playing now
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Guys im karting tonight if anyone wants to join me

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Join me on William H. HD! My code is (10-3981-5221-9242)

Hi im new here anyone want to play mk7?

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Ne shortcut on Maple treeway?
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