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Trainer Info
Name: Lani Kekoa
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Alola
Current Region: Kalos

Kanto Badges: 0
Johto Badges: 0
Hoenn Badges: 0
Sinnoh Badges: 0
Unova Badges: 8
Kalos Badges: 3
Island Trials: All complete

Personality: Upbeat, friendly, and optimistic, Lani believes strongly that cooperation between people and Pokémon can solve anything. Growing up on the islands has given her a carefree, live and let-live attitude that some people view as lazy. Despite seeming naïve at times, she's quite the skilled battler, easily picking apart her opponents' weaknesses with her almost encyclopedic knowledge.

Bio: Taking on and successfully beating the island trials at 11, the young Alolan decided to travel the world when she realized just how much she enjoyed life on the road. She strives to make as many friends as possible on her journey, both human and not, and has been making the most of this opportunity to both enjoy herself, and gain as much of an understanding of the world beyond her little islands as possible. While she does collect gym badges, she's in no particular hurry to beat the league challenges.

Pokémon Team

Nickname: Cactus Jak
Species: Toxapex
Gender: Female
Ability: Merciless (Attacks on a poisoned target are always critical hits unless the target has Battle Armor, Shell Armor, or is under Lucky Chant)
Hold Item: Black Sludge (Gradually heals a Poison-type's HP, damages all other types unless they have Magic Guard or Poison Heal)
~Baneful Bunker (Poison) In addition to protecting the user from all attacks, this move also poisons any attacker that makes direct contact. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
~Liquidation (100 Acc, Water) The user slams into the target using a full-force blast of water. 20% chance to lower the target's Defense stat.
~Payback (100 Acc, Dark) Power is doubled if the user moves after the target.
~Poison Jab (100 Acc, Poison) The target is stabbed with a tentacle or arm steeped in poison. 30% chance to poison the target.

Nickname: Tickles
Species: Galvantula
Gender: Male
Ability: Unnerve (Opponents are unable to eat their own berries, and wild Pokémon are more likely to call for help)
Hold Item: Rocky Helmet (Hurts attackers that make physical contact)
~Volt Switch (100 Acc, Electric) The user switches out after damaging the target.
~Bug Buzz (100 Acc, Bug) The user generates a damaging sound wave by vibration. 10% chance to lower the target's Sp. Def stat.
~Giga Drain (100 Acc, Grass) A nutrient-draining attack. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken from the target.
~Agility (Psychic) The user relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. This sharply raises the Speed stat.

Nickname: Bria
Species: Mudsdale
Gender: Female
Ability: Stamina (When a Pokémon with Stamina is hit by an attack, its Defense rises. If it's hit by a multi-strike move (ex. Fury Swipes), each hit activates this Ability.)
Hold Item: Assault Vest (This offensive vest raises Sp. Def by half but only allows for the use of attacking moves.)
~Close Combat (100 Acc, Fighting) The user fights the target up close without guarding itself. Lowers the user's Defense and Sp. Def.
~Earthquake (100 Acc, Ground) The user sets off an earthquake that strikes every Pokémon around it.
~Heavy Slam (100 Acc, Steel) The user slams into the target with its heavy body. The more the user outweighs the target, the greater the move's power.
~Rock Slide (90 Acc, Rock) Large boulders are hurled at the opposing Pokémon to inflict damage. 30% chance to make the opposing Pokémon flinch.

Nickname: Sang-Froid
Species: Alolan Ninetails
Gender: Male
Ability: Snow Cloak (Evasiveness is raised by 1.2x when in Hail)
Hold Item: Bright Powder (Casts a tricky glare that lowers the opposing Pokémon's accuracy by 10%)
~Freeze-Dry (100 Acc, Ice) The user rapidly cools the target. 10% chance to leave the target frozen. This move is super effective on Water types.
~Psyshock (100 Acc, Psychic) The user materializes an odd psychic wave to attack the target. This attack does physical damage.
~Moonblast (100 Acc, Fairy) Borrowing the power of the moon, the user attacks the target. 30% chance to lower the target's Sp. Atk stat.
~Hypnosis (60 Acc, Psychic) The user employs hypnotic suggestion to make the target fall into a deep sleep.

Nickname: Nibbles
Species: Noibat
Gender: Female
Ability: Infiltrator (Ignores the effects of a target's Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Mist, Substitute and Aurora Veil)
Hold Item: Wide Lens (A magnifying lens that boosts the accuracy of moves by 1.1x)
~U-Turn (100 Acc, Bug) After making its attack, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokémon in waiting.
~Super Fang (90 Acc, Normal) The user chomps hard on the target with its sharp front fangs. This cuts the target's HP in half.
~Tailwind (Flying) The user whips up a turbulent whirlwind that ups the Speed stat of the user and its allies temporarily.
~Toxic (90 Acc, Poison) A move that leaves the target badly poisoned. Its poison damage worsens every time.

Nickname: Grim
Species: Doublade
Gender: N/A
Ability: No Guard (All moves used by or against a Pokémon with this Ability cannot miss. It also allows Pokémon to be hit during the semi-invulnerable turn of Fly, Bounce, Dive, Dig, Shadow Force, Sky Drop, and Phantom Force. Outside of battle, if a Pokémon with No Guard is out of its ball, the wild encounter rate increases by 50%.)
Hold Item: Eviolite (When held by a Pokémon that can still evolve, it raises both Defense and Sp. Def by half)
~Sacred Sword (100 Acc, Fighting) The user attacks by slicing with a long horn or blade. The target's Def and evasion stat changes don't affect this attack's damage.
~Shadow Sneak (100 Acc, Ghost) The user extends its shadow and attacks the target from behind. This move always goes first.
~Iron Head (100 Acc, Steel) The user slams the target with its steel-hard head. 30% chance to make the target flinch.
~Magnet Rise (Electric) The user temporarily levitates using electrically generated magnetism.
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(Closed for +Copyrightdragon​)

Harmony sits around the campfire that night, having had to stop for the night. Riptide, as usual, sat underneath a nearby tree trunk, dozing off. Meiz entertained Rose by levitating a few sticks in the air, and Flicka attempted to look uninterested, though followed every move with her eyes. Evi sat contently in Harmony's lap, and finally, Luca lay on his back, eyes closed though listening to the teams shenanigans. Harmony doesn't assume anything was out of the ordinary when she hears a noise in the bushes, and continues to pet Evi as she smiles

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Species: Zoroark
Nickname: Cartola
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hatched: Unova Daycare
Current Region: Roaming Unova

Ability: Illusion
Nature: Hasty (+ Spd, - Def)
Characteristic: Michievous
~Detect- Enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
~Night Daze (95 Acc)- The user lets loose a pitch-black shock wave at its target. 40% chance to lower the target's accuracy.
~Night Slash (100 Acc)- The user slashes the target the instant an opportunity arises. Critical hits land more easily.
~Extrasensory (100 Acc)- The user attacks with an odd, unseeable power. 10% chance to make the target flinch.

Personality: If she had the TM, she'd be breathing fire. Cartola is passionate, playful, intelligent, and fiercely independent. She enjoys battling and playing pranks, and tends to look down on humans as they're generally unable to keep up with her rambunctious energy and wilful attitude. The Dark-type is protective of the younger, weaker Pokémon out in the wild.

Bio: Discovering her power over illusions gave her an easy escape from the daycare where she was hatched, presumably from carefully-bred stock left by a trainer. The routine and lack of stimulation left her bored out of her mind, and she came to view humans as dull, slow creatures. Thus she mostly roams about the wilds of Unova, having fun where she can and helping Pokémon who are less fortunate or capable than her.

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Name: Samantha Hunningtail
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Kalos
Current Region: Alola

Kanto Badges: 0
Johto Badges: 0
Hoenn Badges: 0
Sinnoh Badges: 0
Unova Badges: 8
Kalos Badges: 8
Alola Trial Stamps: 0

Personality: Sam is very determined for her age. She never backs down from a battle, and protects her Pokémon when ever necessary.
Bio: At the age of 6, Sam was rescued from an attacking pokémon when she decided to explore the forest near her home. The pokémon that rescued her was an Absol, who decided to stay with Sam. She is still with him to this day.

Having received her starter from Professor Sycamore at the age of 13, she left her mother to explore the Kalos region and complete the gym challenge of Kalos. She decided to leave the Kalos region to search for other Pokémon not found there, and to try and find her older sister, who is apparently a Pokémon Ranger.

Pokémon Team

Nickname: Steam
Species: Greninja, male
Water Shuriken - 100 accuracy, always goes first, hits 2 to 5 times
Ice Beam - 100 accuracy, low chance to freeze opposing pokémon
Aerial Ace - N/a accuracy
Night Slash - 100 accuracy, higher critical hit ratio
Nickname: None
Species: Absol, male, MEGA
Me First - N/a accuracy, use whatever move your opponent used first
Shadow Claw - 100 accuracy, increased critical hit ratio
Night Slash - 100 accuracy, increased critical hit ratio
Swords Dance - 100 accuracy, dramatically increases attack
Nickname: None
Species: Talonflame, female
Flame Charge - 100 accuracy, increases speed
Roost - 100 accuracy, heals up to half of your max hp
Flamethrower - 100 accuracy, low chance to burn opposing pokémon
Steel Wing - 90 accuracy, low chance of raising defense
Nickname: Kyo
Species: Espeon, female, SHINY
Shadow Ball - 100 accuracy, low chance of lowering opposing pokémons special defense.
Swift - N/a accuracy, never misses
Psychic - 100 accuracy, low chance of lowering opposing pokémons special defense
Protect - N/a accuracy, prevents any Moves from hitting the user for one turn

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Rin was walking through Sinnoh, she was so happy to finally be back home! There was no feeling like being in a familiar place after a long trip away. But being a trainer, Rin always had an itch to explore and battle, so she was walking through the forest, looking around for any wild Pokémon to battle. What she found though, was... terrible. A group of mean-looking boys, around her age, were gathered in a circle around some poor thing... she could hear the cries of a Pokémon, and she immediately began running toward them.
"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"
She yelled, getting there attention. The boys turned to her, and behind them she could see the outline of a little Pokémon.
"What's your problem?!"
One of the boys yelled as she ran to them. Rin breathed heavily, looking up at him.
"Don't treat a Pokémon that way! I could hear you from a mile away, what on earth are you doing to that poor thing?"
"Relax, it's just a Clefairy!"
Rin gasped, she couldn't believe how cruel they were being.
"What on earth does that mean?!"
"It means that Clefairies are dumb! So get lost!"
The boys were turning back to the Clefairy, but Rin ran to them with enough force to actually push some of them aside, grabbing the terrified Clefairy, and holding it tightly to her chest protectively.
The boy looks down at her with a dark and angry expression, before raising his foot up, and planting his boot firmly on her side, pushing her over.
"You're just as dumb as that stupid pink Pokémon. So now, we'll treat you like a Clefairy too, Clefairy girl!"


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((Closed for +kaelynn thompson ))

Rinuji was walking along the forest path in Unova. She loved this area, especially because Pokémon were so easily found, or maybe she was just lucky today. She hadn't been too lucky in the catching department however, though her pokedex had a few new entries. She was just closing her pokedex after running into a caterpie when one of her pokeballs practically jumped out of her back.
"Ah! What the-"
It opened up and out came Sylveon, who she'd recently captured on her way to Kanto. The new Pokémon ran off into the trees, and Rin followed quickly after.
"Sylveon, wait! Please, slow down!"
She bumped heads with someone walking through the trees and fell backwards, loosing sight of Sylveon as he bounded off through the forest. She quickly gets up, wincing as she touches her forehead.
"Hey! Why are you roaming out here in the trees?! Ah, never mind, I have to get my Sylveon back!"
Barking could be heard not too far ahead of them, and Rin gasps.
"Sylvie! Sylvie, is that you?!"
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The wait is over! The Alola Region is now here! Feel free to roleplay there, and look forward to hot battles in this tropical paradise!

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((Open rp, enter however you like, please. E descriptive and ask before joining.))

Rinuji was traveling through the Sinnoh region with her Pokémon Eevee, and they stopped for a little while at the beach to take a breather. Ronan sat down in the sand with Eevee and they played in the sand, while Rin tried to figure out their next move. Suddenly though, Eevee ran towards the edge of the water, and jumped in, swimming out into the water.
"Ah! Eevee, wait! Come back!"
Rin quickly ran out into the water and jumped in after her Pokémon, diving down beneath the surface, only to come back up.
"Eevee! Eevee, where are you?!"
She looks beneath the surface of the water again, and was suddenly approached by a Vaporion. It swam right up to her, and looked at her with its big blue eyes. Rin stared back.

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《Closed: +kaelynn thompson​​​》

It was time. It was finally time for Sam to start her challenge of the gym leaders in the Unova region. She had made her way to Aspercia City and was waiting for her Pokémon to be healed at the Pokémon Center. "I... I wonder what kind of Pokémon the gym leader will have... I heard from some of the locals that he specializes in Normal type... hmm..." *As Sam was quibbling to herself, another girl walks into the center, looking around.*
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