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Do you currently feel like your best is behind you? Join North Austin Influencers professional development this Thursday on Achieving Your Dreams! The Best is Now! Regardless of Age! with Mark Jordan , BS, MBA, wellness consultant, coach, author and speaker. #influencers #success

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+Rachel Graham put together this wonderfully concise and creative video about Austin's storytellers. Loosely related to the Vision For Austin piece that explores the convergence of media and technology (; how we might influence our future.

Join us as we get together with a talented group of film makers and video producers, at the new +Impact Hub on N. Lamar, with +SkylesBayne and +Only In VR, March 28th to talk about influencing through video:

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Do you want to attract your ideal client? Looking to meet people with similar interest? Meetup may be the answer for you. On February 25th, we will discuss ways to successfully use commonalities to propel personal and professional goals through memberships and as a thought leader in an organizer role. The workshop will also cover key platform features, tools to further promote your group, and the opportunity to ask questions on what works and doesn't from an experienced organizer. For more information or to RSVP, visit:

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February 23rd's mixer will also include a discussion with three exciting panelist:

Alka Bhanot, co-founder of Indie Meme, a non-profit in Texas promoting arts & cultural diversity through international cinema.
Stuart Wallace a stay-at-home dad, an artist, founder of North Austin Creatives, and a board member of the Georgetown Art Center.
Christina Trevino is a leadership entrepreneur, visionary educator and founder of Emotion Leadership Enterprises (ELE) with the goal to have this program in 22 cities by 2022.
Event moderator is Grecia Daleth Elva Chapa with Arkshire Financial.

For more detail and to RSVP, visit:

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1,389,000: the amount of people that we reach every month, using my Social Media University System to generate endless leads.
❤️ Become a member with a free trial. Spaces are limited! Take action really fast.

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Highlights from the kick off of

Join us!

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Tomorrow at WeWork - Music + Funding
Tomorrow evening, 13th, in Austin, the media and music communities are converging with the venture capital community like never before as we explore the role of startups and technology in music.

We're at WeWork University Park with starting at 5! Details and RSVP:

The Cost of Human Trafficking And Sexual Abuse on the Jeff Crilley Show

Had the great pleasure of sharing my personal story and the vision for Give Them A Voice Foundation on September 26th. Later in the week we sat down with his team to talk about working together to put an end to human trafficking and sexual abuse in our life times. The work they do is amazing and very impactful. I look forward to your comments and feedback on the interview.
I like this and thought I would post it.

#drjohnaking #givethemavoice

Unprecedented interference in #American #election? How does #Obama-#Hillary collusion threaten sovereign #Ecuador on #Wikileaks when HRC is losing!

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Find out How Blogging Can Help Attract Your Ideal Clients this Thursday #Influencers 
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