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“Ilias“ ~ sanity check…;-)
Eine E-Learning-Plattform, die nach dem Trojanischen Krieg benannt ist, wird zum Einfallstor russischer Hacker in Regierungsrechner. Jeder Drehbuchschreiber wäre dafür geschmäht worden.

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Vinci 2.0: A smart headphone that can replace your smartphone !

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Want to learn python from basics for free with certificate?
Refer my post and enter into the world of Python Programming!

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“OER“ ~ „museologisches Eigentum“ ist dem „Wagnis der Öffentlichkeit“ verpflichtet!…;-)

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Such a good read, not only about ...
"Motivation is the dark matter of education. It’s everywhere but impossible to see. Motivation helps explain why some countries get impressive education results despite child poverty and lackluster teaching, while others get mediocre results despite universal health care and free iPads."
quote Motivation is the dark matter of education. It’s everywhere but impossible to see.
Motivation is what we really need to be talking about; not rigor et al.

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Well, I have to fight this from time to time, especially when it comes to designing E-Learning lessons about some (in real life) really boring topics. Thinking about how to make a not very interesting and gripping topic nice, interesting and "sexy" for trainees and students, using every single opportunity the tools, the templates and my multimedia designers are providing. On the other hand, these kind of challenges can be real fun.
How Decision Fatigue Ruins Your Day (and How to Beat It) - Cult of Pedagogy

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News from the North American and European LMS market
While D2L and Blackboard are showing real improvements lately, the Canvas LMS continues to get better and better; while others seek to learn how to listen to customers, that's been part of Instructure culture from day one.

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The dark side of behaviourism, not just in education
"But of course, that has always been the underpinning of behaviorism—an emphasis on positive reinforcement techniques in order to more effectively encourage “correct behavior.” “Correct behavior,” that is, as defined by school administrators and software makers."

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reopening old sores ... We really need to debunk all the empty buzz about education, ed-tech, magically out of nowhere emerging skills etc. It's a waste of time, energy and furthermost: money.
"A 2011 review for the Higher Education Academy in York, UK, put it bluntly, as the first of its executive-summary conclusions: “There is no evidence that there is a single new generation of young students entering Higher Education and the terms Net Generation and Digital Native do not capture the processes of change that are taking place”."
The digital native is a myth: Youth use technology in same ways as older people & not better at multitasking - Nature
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