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5th Annual Fintech World Alternative Investment
Conference & Workshop
Crypto Funds, Blockchain: New Opportunities
SEC & Security Token
Reg A Plus “Mini IPO”
Blue Chip ICO’s Pitch & Showcase
@ National Press Club, Washington DC.
October 4th & 5th, 2018
Early Bird VIP Registration & After Hours Networking

List & Sign up for Blue Chip ICO’s Road Show
Increase your visibility in space through the presentation speaking and sponsorship “Pitches and ICO Launches” 1 888 580 6610

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Please support our cause, either by donating (1 euro counts, and you can do it safely through Paypal) or by sharing with your friends on social networks. Takes half a minute and it means the world if more people see it. Thank you!

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Making Samurai Ghibli enamel pins! just launched a few days ago, 7 out of 8 unlocked.

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Looking a leafless investment opportunity in the cannabis industry?
Check out the Duby crowdfund at:

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Hi all, I am reaching out to you in hopes of obtaining support for a new opportunity in my life!

I've been selected for the Inaugural Rise Up program of Money 2020 Las Vegas (handpicked by their panelists from across a sea of 500+ applicants). This would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, wherein I could meet the who's who of Fintech, seek mentorship and advance my aspirations in this field. I've attached the proof of my selection.

I would like to request you for a sponsorship, since the travel costs incurred would be significant for me. If I'm unable to secure a sponsorship in time, I might have to let go of this brilliant opportunity.

Request you to contribute, or at least share it in your network, for it become a success!

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Take part in creating jobs for Africans by following our campaign on indiegogo,

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My little project has made its way onto Kickstarter! Check it out in the link below!
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