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Welcome, friends of PSC

1. The idea here was to create a forum where a tightly controlled group of people who generally know and trust each other from activity in PSC, Phones Show, G+ and Twitter over the years could buy and sell to each other with more confidence than some other forums.

2. It's supposed to be phones, really, but we can also follow the brief of PSCForum and include any tech stuff.

3. People need to ask to join and we'll probably refuse people we don't know. Don't be offended - get to know us through activity in the PSC group of communities.

4. This is not replacing PSCForum, just giving people another choice.

5. We're not getting involved in any way, shape or form in your transactions or resulting conflict. You know how to look after yourself and trade safely online. All we're doing is providing a forum in which to do it, not a shop! By controlling the membership tightly, we hope this kind of unpleasantness can be avoided.

6. Let us know if you have any comments or feedback in this Discussion Category.

Enjoy :-)
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iPhone 8 Unlocked 64GB Gold £560

iPhone 8 Unlocked 64Gb Gold

Has never been locked to a provider.

Excellent condition comes boxed with official Apple Red Silicone case.

Will post out via Royal Mail special delivery included in the price.

Nice phone nice colour.

The ZTE Axon 7, rare, Lineage OS, Magisk, £200 inc SD

Raising funds to keep my review Galaxy S9 (yes, it's that good), so this is a one time (before I change my mind) offer of a (ultra-rare, as far as I know unique in the world) Axon 7 running Lineage OS and Magisk.

Effectively then it's weekly-updated stock Android with root-hiding firmware that lets it still use Android Pay etc.

The ZTE flagship, uniquely crafted in terms of ROM config by our very own Mike Warner.

20MP cam with OIS, Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos baked in, QHD 5.5" screen, capacitive controls, Quad DAC etc.

Excellent condition, supplied unboxed (unless I can find it!)

Will throw in my fave Spigen Rugged Armour case and Special Delivery in the UK.

Steve Litchfield
Phones Show, PSC, yada yada....

Anyone got a Note 8 for sale? My nephew +Laurie is in the market for something in good nick, with a FSH(!), and not too pricey....

Moto X4, as-new, £175 including signed delivery

t's glossy, it's metal, it's got a dual camera and headphone jack and Ted has been praising it recently.

I've had a play with it and made some notes, but it's not perhaps high enough end or new enough for a Phones Show video review.

So it needs a good home. Only ever been used for a review by one other journo and is mint condition.

All LTE bands
5.2” 1080p screen
IP68 certified
Dual 12MP camera (normal/wide angle)
Snapdragon 630
Android 8.0 (stock, plus Moto additions)
USB Type C
3000mAh battery
Front fingerprint sensor

For Sale Moto X4 Black, Mint £170 inc RMSD

Need to sell another phone to fund my S9 purchase , (next I'll be selling my soul)!

Moto X4 in black bought CPW just before Xmas iirc, it in mint condition and hardly used, will find the receipt before shipping. Has 32Gb of storage and takes an SD card as well, currently on Oreo 8.0, Feb sec patch. Dual cameras for wide angle shots and is a great value phone. Really cant say much more about it other than fully boxed with unused peripherals Will come with a case and unused Dbrand skin.

Yours for £170 inc RMSD

LG V30 64Gb, Moroccan Blue £480 inc RMSD

Ok need to fund the purchase of an SG9 so my much loved LG V30 needs to find a new home.

I bought it off the illustrious Kev Wright when it was only a couple of weeks old and its now just over a month old. Was bought Sim Free from CPW and will come with the receipt.

Its the stunning Moroccan Blue colour, 64Gb, Quad DAC, dual camera etc, in mint condition. Fully boxed, unused peripherals and will come with a couple of cases, Dbrand skins and any screen protectors I can find.

Yours for a paultry £480 inc RMSD, so grab a bargain for arguably the best all round phone of last year.

For Sale OnePlus 3 64Gb Silver/Aluminium £170 inc RMSD Good/Excellent

Ok so this is an original OnePlus 3 which has been a true workhorse for me and an outstanding device. It's the silver/aluminium phone and has had a case & screen protector on it all it's life. However there are a couple of marks on the edges and and chrome strip but generally it's in fantastic condition for it's age.

Dual sim, running Oreo 8.0 Feb sec patch and comes with 3 geniune OnePlus cases, 2 Nillikin cases, any screen protectors I can find (think I have a more than a couple). Boxed with peripherals & I'll even chuck in a spare Dash Charger!

Price for the whole package £170 inc RMSD

Does anyone have a Oneplus 5 they fancy selling?

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This is my first selling post on psc so bare with me.

I have for sale pixel2 64 gb which I purchased from cex so does come with the 24 month guarantee.
I've included the following official fabric pixel case dark colour and one spigen case and then there's a ultra thin case also a screen protector.
The box is totally untouched as I've replaced all the original charger and extras from the google pixel XL I got so all new box as well..
The phone it self if you get under light does have a couple of marks so I'm not going to say it's perfect I've Inc pictures of marks.
£350 including postage
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