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Diploma in Project Management.
If you have attended this program at Divine Word University and graduated, then please you can vote accordingly here.

Did the course help you in your current job?
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All is there any upcoming road projects? Tender notices are far and between and often are not advertised to captured Interest of all interested contractors.

Do let me know if anyone you hear of anything please?


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There are 7 new project management templates available for free on this website until 30th of June 2016.
In order to download you must register as a member of

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DWU 31st Graduation 2012. Diploma in Project Management
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Download free template now.....

Please all DPM2014A and B cohorts should submit your non-residential assignments ASAP if you intend to graduate next year March.

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Please apply for PMI Membership now to speed up the process to start the PMI Chapter here in Papua New Guinea.
Once you've registered yourself, email me your PMI Membership Number and Name to

Follow this link to register:

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Some critical requirements to form a local PMI Chapter:

Conduct some basic research on the project management environment in the geographic area in which you are looking to form a new chapter. Who are the major stakeholders? Is this a new or growing area for project management? Is the area underserved or un-served by existing PMI chapters?

Reach out to related or nearby chapters to talk with the leadership about your proposal.

Identify other members that would support your efforts to form a new chapter. Chapters must have at least 25 PMI members in order to be chartered by PMI . There is no minimum membership requirement for branch formation.

Prepare your preliminary business case-what needs will the chapter address, and how will this chapter enhance PMI's abilities to meet these needs?

Chapter formation is a committed process, requiring a dedicated steering team of volunteers to create a multi-year business plan for PMI approval. The approval of a business plan ensures that the proposed chapter has a sustainable vision and the resources to support future growth and maturity.
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