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Please click on the above link.
We found this on +virtual christine blog
there has been no word from this wonderful lady for a week or two now.

this is all we know, the dear lady  has suffered a loss.

 +virtual christine you have a support group here, we miss you and our prayers are with you.

Brian & The friends of Arcadia Asylum.

I lost my most important partner, motoko Moonwall by cancer last month following loss of Aley by ban.
Since then, I'm working on finalize and preserve their works in SL and JOGrid in these days.
Now, I'm setting up "Reconstruction of Verne's Nautilus" in Abyss Observatory@JGGrid, but I couldn't take copy some Aley's works at TSoAs@Sanctuary, "ALeys kitchen", "Pirate Furnature Tea Table n 4 chairs (2 prim)" and "Hydrolab Atrium Furnishings".
I could take copy last one but marine life textures aren't imported to Sanctuary.
And I found a part of underwater laboratory burried by sea mountains at TSoA 11.
Please help me.

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SETS by Ada Radius, featuring the artwork of Aley (Pirate collection). All pieces free to copy.

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to join Avatar Repertory Theater for a dramatization of Robert Frost's 1915 modernist masterpiece "NORTH OF BOSTON", presented live in voice, Friday, March 11 at 7pm Pacific Time in Second Life for more info visit
From the hired hand who finally comes home, to a man who will never walk the New England woods again for his beloved native orchids, Robert Frost paints his metaphors into the lives of country people in a rich and formidable land.
Adapted for virtual theater by Judith Adele (Ada Radius)
ACTORS: Kayden Oconnell, JadaBright Pond, Sodovan Torok, Em Jannings and Ada Radius.


Sharing Texture Templates?

Has anyone put together UV maps for any of AA's mesh creations?

Through trial and error I made a layer file (GIMP) for changing the signs and background texture on the Steam Fair Newsstand, but it turns out the UV maps consists of oddly rotated 256px squares in a 1024px, so getting the signs to read right was a challenge.

Is there a file repository somewhere for texturing other AA assets?

The Biggest Problem now..................................................

So our biggest problem now is  acquiring more of Aleys works.
we only have a small portion of her mad science gear and the pirate graveyard looks almost abandoned, we have no mosuleum no fading ghost pirates or skellies.

Oh what's a curator to do.

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Aley or her friend who can pass her the message, please contact Google+Community "Friends of Arcadia Ashylum". Aley's friends have something to tell you about your come back to Second Life. 

Update for the InWorldz listings:
InWorldz: (non hypergrid)  
hop:// Isle/221/230/4001
(exhibit and complete boxed collections. uncured curator Wonder Wheeler) 
hop:// "Arcadia Asylum Living Library & Freebie Center". walk towards the Bull & turn right!
( boxed items/vendors, uncured curator Wonder Wheeler)

Is there anyone who has contact with Aley in RL?   I'm a curator of Abyss Observatory, the Modern Museum and the Education Portal and I'm working on reconstruction of Jules Verne's Nautilus faithfully besed on original novel using Aley's furnitures, but I didn't see her in SL for a long time and I concerned her health.
I heard from Briony Juran, owner of "Cog & Grog Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie Center" at Mieville Pond, that Aley was banned. Briony heard from Aley that Aley was banned.
I'm glad because her long absence isn't caused on her health but I'm angry, because this is second case of lost of my collaborator by ban.
I sent a ticket to LL support for recovery her account but basically Aley need to submit a ticket by herself.

Sorry it has been so long, since my last update.
We are in full swing at work, the busy season that normaly starts at the end of august, hit us in june and we have been doing 5am till ?????? six days a week and this week we went seven days. Sadly I am so tired that I can't think of anything to do with the steam sim, I do have a idea for the next three All Pirate but I have only had about and hour a day to go on line and look at it.
If ANYONE out there likes to build Steam sims please contact me I really need your help.

as to when I will be able to spend more time working on the sims not likely till after inventory in December.

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We had all kinds of fun on the Metaverse Tour last night!! It was great to show off our refurbished regions and reveal to everyone how fellow curator +Brian Landar may tweak this and that but I do all the actual work runs
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