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Medieval houses and varios other items
Region: Warehouse

I have rezzed on a region all the medieval houses I have from Arcadia aka Aley, also her ships and some furniture. Included also some items that were given at the OSCC 2015 from Nebadon and some mesh medieval characters. I will keep the region up today Monday till Wednesday from 0.00 - 3pm Grid Time (PST) if you want to pick up a freebie. After that I will package as an OAR and give to the Dreamworld installation.

All the houses have now fixed and scripted doors that work and in some chairs I have added sitting animations. The school has a teacher poseball and the students desks too.

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I got a good laugh out of this and I hope you do too! Aley's wonderful Siggy's Flea Circus Hat made the top 10 list of free SL hats!

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Hi! Just wanted to give a quick update- I have been inworld on Sanctuary evaluating the situation with the museum. I have already made some changes as you can see- 13 now has all the museum collections, The Arcadia Asylum Distribution center, the Augurey Peak Collection , and the Cornflakes collection. TSoA 15 and 14 are now empty.

My thinking at this point is to eliminate five to six regions, which I think I can do without affecting the quality of the exhibits.

There will be no more Micro Libraries in the themed regions, the only vendors in the museum will be on TSoA 13. If anyone wants the themed vendor collections, they can contact me .

Input welcome!

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He he, forgot to say that TSOA 13 'name has changed from the Arcadia Asylum Laboratory (?) (sorry my tse fly brain has forgotten what it was), to Musem Collections Region, which is not exciting, but gets the job done.
And I have put Cornflakes wonderful Pumpkin pieces on permanent display outside the spookily themed Augurey Peak display! Booya!

For those of us recently here I want to point out the catalog listing (upper right on this page) - the "Complete Works Spreadsheet". It's far far from perfect, so if you see an error, please let me know. At some point I'd like to have a column for items we know have been exported from SL and might be found at Sanctuary, and we need to get a list of what's at Sanctuary to get that started. So +Grey Nacht and I and the several other people working on this part of the project, don't duplicate our exporting efforts. Please let me know if you want to work on this, and I'll give you edit rights.

Hi there! For those of you who do not know me, my name is virtualchristine(duh state some more obvious stuff girl) and I blogged for a couple of years about OpenSim, SL and Arcadia Asylum. I started the first Arcadia Asylum museum in OpenSim under +Brian Landar 's wing, I started the 16 region Sanctuary museum generously donated by Sanctuary Grid owner, +Shaun Emerald and was one of the founding members of this G+ group. My husbands long last illness and passing in May 2016 brought my inworld involvement and blogging to a grinding halt for the past year. Before that I was a constant annoyance to the metaverse, and plan to be again, hehe.
For my old friends a big fat bear hug and many many thanks from my son and I for all the wonderful support during this very difficult time. We are both doing much better physically and emotionally. And with my son leaving on a two week scout trip this Monday, I had thought to start dipping my toes inworld again.
And now Brian Landers has given me a reason to dive right in! In fact he has yanked off my shell and shoved me off the diving board with a concrete reason to strap on my floaties. Okay, that metaphor got away from me, but my point is this:

1) I am back.
2) I will be going into Sanctuary Sunday to evaluate the situation, but at this point my thinking is to seriously downsize, making it a distribution center. Rather than having exhibitions( which as a non builder I can not possibly maintain), I see us switching to signs and landmarks guiding visitors to the fantastic Arcadia themed builds on other grids. Perhaps our exhibition OARS could be put online in this group for public use.
3) I will be checking in here regularly. I have asked Brian to make me an owner, then realized that I already was one, so you can see how this is gonna fly :)

Thank you all for your patience. Thank you Brian for your massive contributions to metaverse culture. Thank you +Shaun Emerald for your support.

I am here to say good bye.

as you may know in May we Lost my cousin David to a massive heart attack. I myself had a heart attack in March of 2015.
due to the continued long hours at work 50-60 hour weeks for over a year now with no sign of it letting up, and the fact that David Passed ( he was only 5 years older than I).

I have had to do some serious thinking about my life style and activities.

as a result I am stepping down, and moving away from the more sedate things in life like on line activities.

I am resigning from Sanctuary, I have shut down my SL payment information. and I am closing all the SL micro-libraries that I am paying for out of pocket once the rent runs out.

all Libraries and micro-Libraries I have built that are being paid for by the land owners will have the inventory and ownership turned over to those people.

I will remain active in SL until the rents are expired and the library locations are settled.

thank you all for the support you have given the libraries and please don't give up, Aley's out there and I know you will find her.

Thank you And Good Bye

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Made this when Obama Japan went cray.  But now I got blocked for the freebie used in the video.  I think I fixed it with whatever Youtube needs to know what a derp it is to not just let people claim their work on your stuff and move on, instead of trashing people who helped put the tune on the map.  I mean.. it's a vocaloid.. 
I think I fixed it, but would love to know if it's viewable.
BTW, the avatar is ME, not Michell Obama.  We just had that look and the suit is purple because....  PRINCE, yo.
Please let me know and of course take credit on the link if you see I've used your stuff.  I love Arcadia's stuff..  as a NON end user.  Since the dawn of time, my Arcadian folks have supported the Content Creators...fueled by the CREATOR I was brought up to honor.
(under St. George)
I serve the architects of the 3D Web who gave the tools for teraformers and cloud geeks to play with.
Remember..  before there was Wow, there was SNOWCRASH.  but the metaverse doesn't belong to Wow.
AYB as it ever wuz.

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Please click on the above link.
We found this on +virtual christine blog
there has been no word from this wonderful lady for a week or two now.

this is all we know, the dear lady  has suffered a loss.

 +virtual christine you have a support group here, we miss you and our prayers are with you.

Brian & The friends of Arcadia Asylum.

shaun had the sanctuary sims back up yesterday after a small maintenance run, my bad I missed his post on the sanctuary google group.
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