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There's a workaround for that for backwards-compatibility. If you post on Talk or send a mail to Support, someone can point you in the right direction.

FTR, We did not make IFDEFs more strict because they were "ugly", but because the new system has significant benefits for how the compiler can (and will in the future) handle multi-platform/multi-target code, because with the stricter IFDEFs, the compiler can hold a whole file, including all conditional parts, in a clean logic subtree (why that's important will become clearer once we ship r next multi-platform feature, Gotham). Something that cannot be done with a "C-style macro-pre-processor"-style conditional compilation.
What happened to Oxygene Elements 10?

I'm maintaining a Delphi XE very large project that runs in both compilers (Delphi XE and VS 2015 with OE 9). There's a need to move to VS 2017 but in order to migrate we need OE 10.

With VS 2017 and Oxygene 10, over 37.000 lines errors are raised when compiling the project that works perfectly under Delphi (VCL) and VS (2015 OE 9) sharing the same code base using #IFDEFs

Googling a little a found out that Oxygene decided to change the way #IFDEF works under OE 10. They think it's "ugly". Well... over 37.000 lines of errors are not pretty either. Especially if you will loose compatibility with Delphi/FP in the "fixing" process.

How are you managing? Is there any word ( or works ) from Oxygene that will solve that bug.
Is there an OE 9 that works with VS 2017?


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I know that I will get a backlash on this post but it is time I vented for displeasure of the G+ Delphi community. It is the bickering, and the thread jumping that occurs. I feel sorry for the people that do post questions, to which this occurs on. :(

Of late, I have refrained from even commenting on questions because of all the, IMO, unnecessary BS that occurs after the question has been answer to the the person who posted satisfaction.

My first example of late is:

This question was ask and answered but the BS continued to make the comment section twice as big as it needed to be.

My second example of late is:

Even after the question was answered, the BS continues...

To me, this makes Delphi a dying language. Not because it is old, or doesn't have the latest wizz-bang features but because there is a large lack of support external of Idera.

* G+
- A lot more BS these days and finding a gem is few and far between. Hard to search.

* FaceBook
- Mainly about Smart Mobile Studio (which is fair enough, as the person that does Smart Mobile Studio created it)

* Stack Overflow
- Good for general question but specific question can result it perceived hostility from the people that run it

* Slack
- ? Haven't visited for years, so no idea :-(

Anything else? Can't be that popular, as I usually keep an ear open (but I have been wrong in the past).

Fun fact of the day:
The IDE does not like project names for console applications which include the flowing strings: [update, updater].
The compiled binaries are created with elevated rights - thus the IDE cannot launch them and throws an error message.

Do not rename your computer if you want/need to use Berlin or Tokyo!

I change the name of the computer and Berlin will not start, now I have reached the license limit, really ... and I have to wait an hour (time zones) to call support to get the count increased. So much for getting anything done in the next few hours!

And changing the name of the computer back did not fix the problem.

Can someone tell me what goes into the FormatSpecifiers of IOTAThread50.Evaluate? Or point me to the Helpentry if there is any. The Comment in XE talks about it, but i haven't any help installed right now.

ObjectPascal is case insentisive?

Yes but not the IDE!!!!

Working with XE7 and Berlin

refactoring a really big Delphi Application.

First I have done some Documentaion (XML Style) in common used Units;

But if you working in Source that uses a common function like

function ISearchhelper.mapToScreen(const Value : Tvec3d) : Tpoint;

and in the Unit it is used as

apoint := Searchhelper.MapToscreen(actPoint);

the Documentation Hint will not be shown...

The next thing are the Hints and Warnings

You can disable single Warnings but not Hints

so for the same reason you get a lot of (Sorry in German)
[dcc32 Hinweis] cad.Layer.pas(65): H2365 Schreibweise der Überschreiben-Methode TcadLayer.HandlEevent muss exakt ihrem Vorfahren TcadGroup.HandleEvent entsprechen

these made me mad.
I will not change the source only for make the IDE and compiler happy. To much differences in commit for compare

The IDE should help in refactoring process but it is a nightmare.

Also if the source could not compile, (normal on time during refactoring)
the IDE is unstable as Hell. If all compiles it is ok but what is a tool for, if it not work on refactoring?

the best tool for now is Notepad++

Really, really tired of fighting broken tools at every turn. And no, updating Delphi is not the answer. First, because in a major product, it's a decision not up to individual devs, and second because you trade one set of defects for another.

I am seriously overdue for this rant.

Error Insight is seriously defective, and has been for years. The red squiggles are often incorrect, anyway, and it seems it never gets any improvements. I can only wonder what other effects it contributes to the instability of the IDE.

I can't seriously consider it a feature of the product.
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