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What keeps you up at night? READ first:

Let's help each other. If you want advice, comment with your concern/question.

If you can help, because it's your expertise or you've faced this same problem, offer advice. Be sure to +mention the member. We can all learn here!

Do not post your business, links, email address, phone number, title, tagline, etc. Members can go to your profile if they want to learn more. We are going to try to help each other without selling our products and services. Feel free to follow and connect outside of this community.

If you are posting a business challenge, tell us what type of business and some detail about the problem, what you've tried, why the problem exists.

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“Never get discouraged by your credit report. Focus on building a great product, app or idea that people will love and the money will find you”
Check out this blog if you have bad credit AND need funding for a startup...

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Do you know that starting a business is one of the most, if not the most challenging tasks any individual can embark upon? Why is this the case, you might ask?
First of all, consider that you are about venturing into a world of uncertainty. Now you may have carried out your feasibility studies, obtained the training and expertise needed to run a business as well as gathered all the resources to hit the road running; but remember that the business world offers no guarantees.
There are no guarantees that that there will be no change in fiscal and monetary policy that will effectively shut down the operations of your business.
There are no guarantees that your target market may acquire new tastes and needs, hence rendering your product/service redundant.
There are no guarantees that a competitor will not emerge down the line and cut into your market share and hence cut down your profits.
Indeed, starting a business means you will need to be a self-starter and have loads of determination and optimism to succeed. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you surround yourself with the people that have the same attitude and hunger as you do.
In the same vein, it is just as important that you avoid certain categories of people when you begin your entrepreneurial journey. These categories of people have the capacity to derail your vision in business; they can also impair your views about life in general. These categories of people to avoid include the following:

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Hello! I have recently completed my civil engineering. I am very confused what to do next. Can any one suggest me what to do?

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3 Ways Your Small Business Benefits from Using a #PEO

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A conversation came up today in the break room of our office business centre that made me think that it would be a great discussion to have in this community. It's sort of a two part question.
What websites and influencers online do you get most of your information/business news?
Are there business "Guru's" that you most trust when it comes to learning how to keep your business at the top of its game?
Please post your answers in the comments of this post and share your favorites with the community, because that is what this community is about ... Sharing.
BTW... It does not have to be someone famous, it could be a local influencer to you

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I would like to introduce a business that is needed for those storms in our lives, and I use the word storm literally. We might be experiencing problems with the septic tank, or a flood by nature or the pipes busted. Those storms Corporate Cleaning Company is ready , willing and able to take care of the belongings and clean up needed for you get back to your lives. Here is all the information needs for other services as well.


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DialogMarket is the only all-in-one solution your company will ever need. We’ve been working on the North American market for a couple of years and received great respect and gratitude from countless clients. Our call-center provides small and big businesses with around the clock customer support 7 days a week. No matter what happens, our operators will try their best to give your clients the best support they deserve.

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Want to generate more leads with social media? Holding a contest is one of the best, quickest ways of generating leads and nurturing leads at the same time, driving engagement, increasing reach and driving more traffic to your website or blog. In my latest blog post, I share the 10 best tools for holding social media contests - check them out here

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Thank you for adding me to your community. We have a fun business and host birthday parties, community events, school events ect. Here is one of our latest blogs about planning a back yard party!
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