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Frustrated with poor response on #Twitter? We have published a new report on how to increase Tweet #engagement. If you want to know how you can get those likes, retweets, replies and mentions, check it out at . Let us know what you think.

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Yay! Round of applause for Snapchat! They have added a brand new way of getting discovered on the platform. Snapchat Maps! In this video I discuss how to use Snapchat Maps. A quick walk through of the maps function and then I go over some ideas on how to use Snapchat maps for your business and integrate them into your marketing strategy.

One of the BIG takeaways from this tutorial and discussion is Snapchat branding. It's very important that you use the custom sticker function to brand your snaps. At this time even if you get discovered through Snapchat Maps, the user has no way to click on your profile. Having at least your logo on the snap will help with the branding there and make it worth being seen. 

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I need sales pros to help me market my programming services for windows, web and android. I specialize in databases! I'm willing to give 50% commission on sales to the right people! The average website is $3k-$5k! I have 25+ years of experience but I suck at sales! Help me! Let's make a deal!
Some people can sell anything, talented, motivated. These people are the lifeblood of a thriving business! Let's talk shop! I need partners not employees. No investment but time required. Let's build a future together!

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Thanks for adding me in this community,my new is Joe Malatji from South Africa,Managing Director of Joliz Landscaping Design & Building Works,see our services below

Any free hosting & free ecommerce platform based in USA .appreciate feedback.Thank you all. 

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What scheduling calendar tool are you using for booking appointments on your website? The best tool should be one that makes setting appointments as easy as possible for you and your customers, as well as one that helps you qualify potential customers at the same time. In my recent blog post, I look at the 10 best online booking and scheduling tools, in order to find the best one possible - check them out here and please share if you found the post helpful:)

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Winning Brand Storytelling Tips for B2B Businesses

Are you trying to generate more interest in your business? Why not tell a story?

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been used by leaders and organizations to transmit information, values and ideas from generation to generation.

As entrepreneurs and marketers, we can use powerful narratives to cut through the content clutter of the digital and social age.

But what if you run a "boring" or highly technical B2B business? Can you still do storytelling?

Yes you can! Read how in my guest article on StartUpNation here: 

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I would like to restart my business in a very small town. I was in Tucson Arizona and had a business for 30+ years in the computer industry. I built them, I network them, I train users, I'm a programmer, business analyst, system analyst. Have my A. A. S, PROGRAMMER, BUSINESS AND SYSTEMS ANALYST, BACHELOR'S IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, AND A MASTERS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. The town that I have moved to for a job (which laid me off after 8 months ) is a military town. You must possess a security clearance and you can't get one without an employer paying for it and it takes 75+ days and $100,000 to acquire it or to get a security clearance it takes $200,000+ and 2+ years to get. I'm screwed. They only have 3 computer repair shops here. 1 is geek squad, 1 is actual store, the last is a guy working from his house. There other folks but they travel to you. I have not really kept up with a lot of the hardware technology as I almost died in 2003. Recovery has been long and slow. Finally I got a job, laid off, and now pcp says can't do what I've done for 30+ years any more. I'm bummed. I love what I did.

My biggest issue is marketing. I am lousy at it. Also need training on new hardware and possibly software.
I'm moving into a 2 bedroom at the complex I live in. Can afford no problem on income I get. At Least I will have all my personal property with me instead of it being 1:30 minutes from me.

Open to all suggestions. Thanks everyone. Donna 

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So you are all set up on LinkedIn? You're either ready to network, build your personal brand, or market your biz, right? Now what?
These are my 5 suggestions on what to post on LinkedIn.

I'm not going to lie, LinkedIn is, well LinkedIn. The atmosphere of the platform is unlike any other social network that I've seen, or been apart of. Memes are a never. Family photos? Don't even think about it. You will get laughed at (not in a good way) if you post something that doesn't fit the platform. From what I've studied is that longer text posts do the best. About a paragraph - ish?
I think staying on the platform itself makes it easier for people to comment and engage with you and that's why they generally do better.

What posts work best for you and your industry thought leaders? 
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