Miguel Ferreira

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Hi there :)

This is the first time I'm posting here and let me start by saying thank you to all of you that really care and help everyone here.

I've been following most of the questions around here and the feedback you guys are leaving to each other which really inspired me to post here too so here it goes:

At the moment I've gotten into the domain flipping niche, I've picked up a PR3 with 15 years and to my surprise it got 0 interest when it hit the marketplace..

The domain is pretty cool in my honest opinion: "SandalsAndShoes". And a .com after all... All everyone would want right?

The listing is still on for the next 24h, and it finally got a Bid a few minutes ago. I'd like to ask for you feedback, what do you think went wrong here?

I thought I did my research lol :)
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The Listing has now ended and I'm happy to announce the Bids went up until $82... :)
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Stephen Atkinson

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Sales – Let’s Keep it Simple

Without recourse to lying, cheating or distortion, selling should be easy, right?

Err, unfortunately not.

As we all know (and we’ve all sold), selling isn’t always a walk in the park.  I’ve been in plenty of sales calls (over twenty years’ worth) when I seriously wished I was somewhere else – like feeding the ducks in the park!

But I’ve also been in plenty when the stars are in alignment and to coin a hackneyed phrase, ‘I was in the zone’.

So one call goes bad, one goes good. The sacred geometry of chance?  Maybe… sometimes… but we can always coax ‘luck’ to our side.

Here are my, personal, ‘rules’ for coaxing luck onto our side in sales calls:

Never underestimate the effect that attitude, values and beliefs have on the ability to sell – solid foundations keep me grounded in any sales call.
Setting simple and effective goals - why make it complicated, I always go into a call with one primary goal (plus a fallback) – if I go in with three objectives, it’s already one too many.
I realise how focus, working well with others, and giving that extra percentage for my customers can make me stand out from the competition.
I’ve learned to embrace my ‘inner boy scout’ and how pre-call planning and research doesn't have to be boring.  Be prepared!
I ensure that I start any sales call off on the 'right foot', and get the pre-approval to discuss and sell.
I believe in only two basic types of simple question types for any sales call, its how and when they are used that counts.
My ultimate aim to 'close the call' naturally -  to make sure my customer and I are happy with the outcome.
The more calls I close where my customer and I both end up smiling – the more lucky I get – and that always has positive effect on the bottom line.

Sell ethically and effectively - without recourse to lying, cheating or distortion.  Easy. Right.

What are your rules for coaxing ‘luck’ onto your side when speaking with customer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below so I learn from you too, and get even ‘luckier’.
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+Al Johansen
All true!
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Terence Chang

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Has anyone in this community use Amazon's Mechancial Turk services to collect data? I wonder how do you like the service? 

I am about to start a campaign to collect data for B2B leads. 

Any input are welcome. Thanks!
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+Rob Gordon Cool. Thanks for the info. 
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Sarah Santacroce

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Quit riding the Revenue Roller Coaster
Peaks and valleys, ups and downs, good and bad times. As entrepreneurs we all know what those terms mean. +Samantha Hartley   likes to call it the Revenue Roller Coaster. My latest post includes a video chat in which Samantha shares her best tips to quit feeling as if on the Hulk ride at Universal Studios.

Her 3 favorite ongoing marketing activities are:

Networking (on or offline)
Don’t network every where. Only go to the events where your perfect clients hang out ! 

Referral Marketing or Joint Ventures
One of the oldest but still most successful marketing techniques is referral marketing. 

Coaches and entrepreneurs are usually very passionate people. And passionate people make great speakers. So get in front of an audience and educate people about your area of expertise. You will position yourself as an expert in your field and even if you don’t get new clients immediately, it helps your visibility and credibility. 

For more tips on how to quit the Revenue Roller Coaster and view our video chat, go here:
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Barbara Hoover

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Crucial Lead Nurturing Tactics for the Struggling Business

Recent surveys suggest that B2B businesses lead quality over anything else. This is because that qualified B2B leads are more likely to transition to a sale. But prior to this however, marketers need to understand the intricate process of maintaining prospect interest, otherwise known as lead nurturing.

The challenge in lead nurturing thus constitutes the need for effective strategies that guarantee only quality interactions. You can consider these tactics for a good start:

Be creative with your content
Offer something new
Ask what is needed
Give your information value

Read here:
Marketers need to understand the intricate process of maintaining prospect interest known as lead nurturing.
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Thank you +Justine Parsons . :)
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Barbara Hoover

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Competitive Battle Plan: A Quick Guide To IT Lead Generation Outsourcing

B2B outsourcing has proven itself to be a potent technique that could help providers of IT managed services to become more competitive. Innovations in B2B multi-channel marketing might be an important factor in the race for a bigger share of the IT market. But expertise in independent business processes is far important if you prioritize operational improvement as a means to better competitiveness.

Read here:
The IT industry is as vibrant as ever. And along with better and newer technologies each year, the market is also seeing innovations in terms of B2B lead
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Janil Jean

Marketing & Sales  - 
Do You Know the Signs?

"At the heart of your branding lies your logo design. They are often referred to as a ‘brand mark’ because they are used on your products, website, business cards, and all the marketing collateral you produce. They represent your company, communicate the idea behind your brand, and tell your customers the story of your brand. Imagine what happens when your design doesn’t work well? " 

Watch the full video and find out here:

#logo   #redesign   #brandidentity   #entrepreneur   #smallbusiness   #branding  #marketing
The debate of when and why should a company redesign a logo is a complex one. This question will be answered in this video which tells you the signs when you should redesign your brand logo.
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+Janil Jean  it doesn't show on mobile view, you need to check it on web version... :) thanks tho!
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Gerry Seah

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Folks, are you a Professional Business Services provider? If yes, you are welcomed to register for FREE in our global network directory - register now to get businesses globally!
Search the most complete professional business services database. Find Professional Business Services.
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Mobile Business Directory

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This good news for small businesses:
"Small businesses have smaller budgets to work with in comparison to their larger competitors, sometimes leaving little to go to marketing efforts. This is where social media comes to the rescue. There is no cost to the business, unlike many other traditional forms of marketing."

#socialmedia #smallbusiness #mobileseo #mobilemarketing #mobileweb
What started as the newest way to keep in touch and share memories, could now serve as a catalyst to bring small businesses in to the running against their larger competitors. According to a recent Deloitte report, close to one in three US consumers make buying decisions based off social media.
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Looking for pricing and marketing ideas on my vintage slide earring designs
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Very cool idea! A website and finding your niche are the two key things to start with. Price usually is based on cost with a 10-30% markup. You want to make sure that you don't price yourself out of the market. My suggestion would be to check out etsy for homemade earrings and get prices for what peopl are really paying. After that creating a webstore, building a following, client base and gaining daily exposure is all things I can help with :-) check out my website for some ideas 
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Carlos Rosario

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[Parlay Advice]  Sprezzatura - Note: What if they called it the Dick Flop?

Definition:  studied carelessness, especially as a characteristic quality or style of art or literature.

Origins:  is an Italian word originating from Baldassare Castiglione's The Book of the Courtier, where it is defined by the author as "a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it".

Why is it important?  

It's heavily important if you're interested in exerting influence in any sort of capacity, whether it be to make a sale, win a friend, rally a movement or appear as a leader. 

If you make it look easy and effortless, that's attractive. 

When you appear to exert great effort, that's not as appealing so it detracts from your achievements, though it is admirable.

In business, if the problem seems challenging enough, you'll always gravitate to the easiest, quickest, fastest, least "expensive" solution if it will solve your problem without you having to do much.

The thing is, it's gotta catch your eye, it's gotta show promise it can solve your particular problem, it's got to be easy to understand, intuitive to implement, and if you want to sell it, it's got to be scarce in some way, unique in some way, and low or no risk for your end user to get involved with.

Sometimes you want the specific tool that does the job, however, you'll make do with a swiss army knife if it's the more readily available option and can still get the job done.

That is, of course, unless there is an inherent bigger trade off benefit to finding and using a specific tool.

Consider sales tools.

What's better a long form sales letter, a video sales letter, or something else?

Well, if you're sending something in the mail then I think you'll agree it's probably a lot easier to simply write or type out the letter than it is to get someone to watch a video, right?

Even if you mailed a dvd to someone...

The hurdle of getting them to watch it "now" is so great and the time lapse between getting them to do something is so long that it probably would have been more effective to just send them a letter, right?

Maybe or maybe not.

However, if you send out an email directing someone to a that sounds a great deal easier, no?

It might even be faster to produce and send out than writing a long winded letter, perhaps, right?

In this instance the use of a video, although seems difficult, the truth is, it's easy as heck to produce and it's so versatile that the rewards can seem completely unrealistic.

How do I know?

I've used video in so many ways that most people, at least to my knowledge, haven't thought to use, that I think it's kind of an understated lever that can be used, almost like magic, when employed "the right way."

Now what's the right way?

Convention would have you believe that it's the way the majority of people use it, right?

That's where this stuff gets fun.

Convention is the very thing you have to challenge, without really going against it.

That, might not make any sense, right now, but I promise, soon it will.

The analogy I'd try to make here is no matter what you're doing, we're always struggling against some forces that make your task so much harder like a Salmon swimming upstream.

The trick is learning how to use and manipulate those forces in way that makes your efforts easier or at least seem easier.

With consistent practice, it actually becomes easier, and all of a sudden you'll find others wanting to know how to do it like you.

So what the hell is the point of this?

Two fold:

1. Learn to make your efforts look easy, no matter how long it took you to be able to make it look so, as in, don't reveal your secret.

2. Learn how to repurpose a thing or way of doing something that's counter to convention and this can allow you to stake your claim as a reliable source and authority of a matter and also helps you foster your creative innovation.

Alright, some examples?

In sports:

1.  Fosbury Flop - Popularized by Dick Fosbury who innovated the High Jump technique we all have seen and EVERYONE uses today in that sport.  Why?  It was the most effective.  He tested convention, and it worked.

Thank goodness it wasn't called the Dick Flop.

2. Colin Theriot​ brought this one to my attention and all I can remember is though the shit this guy is doing looks hard...he makes it look easy.  I believe he calls this "unconcious competence" and even though it seems hard, even as he's doing it, he makes it seem easy and can become easy for those that will follow his lead.

3. Want more diverse examples?  Just read Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success by Shane Snow

Those should keep you busy thinking about what I ranted about above, and I hope you found this useful in whatever you're trying to accomplish.

Alright, alright, that's all I got for now, but if you want more just let me know in the comments below.

By the way, Video really is a spectacularly versatile tool that can be used in so many ways and with the advent of social media, I really and truly believe you can "close" any type of deal when you use it correctly.

Funny, I should have used video as part of this, right?

By the way, was this helpful to you or not at all?

Let me know in the comments below.

Originally shared in a private Facebook Group.
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David Trounce

Marketing & Sales  - 
Good article.

What obstacles are you putting in the way of your customers or clients right now? What systems, processes or in house strategies do you have in place that actually turn business and customers away?

Stop what you are doing and make a list of those things. You'd be surprised.
Let’s be honest; nobody likes to put more effort into something, when he can have same results with less. This state of proceeding with …
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Chuck Leddy

Marketing & Sales  - 
How to Give a GREAT Presentation.
Middle market leaders are often valued for their local success. Here are seven tips to help your executives give a keynote presentation.
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Ron Sela

Marketing & Sales  - 
How to Optimize Conversion Rates by Improving Your Form Accessibility

When it comes to designing websites, ones with less accessibility lose sales to others. So here are some key reasons why we should focus on access, knowing our customer, and the ways we can increase conversion rates by optimizing it.

Read more here:

#conversion   #onlinemarketing   #landingpage  
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Tariq Khan

Marketing & Sales  - 
ou determined what your gig is, you optimized the page, you created the video, now where’s the money? Starting a business is a lot of work. Your first few sales will be the hardest to achieve. But once you nail your Fiverr marketing strategy, you’ll be raking it in with the Top Sellers.

1. Join niche forums

Getting active on forums is a strong strategy to help you drive traffic to your page. However, just as you wouldn’t want someone to go onto your website only to leave a link and never return, you need to show respect to those active in the forums. Answer their questions, show your expertise and avoid giving a sales pitch with every post. Be subtle about it such as putting a link in your signature. Be picky about which forums you choose. Keep it to three to four so that you’ll be able to be an active member of it.

2. Create a website/blog

Building a website or blog around your Fiverr account shows that you’re credible. Don’t cheap out with a website that looks like it was made in the 90s. You can choose solid templates from Theme Forest for about $20-$50. Since you’ll have full control over the site you can promote your Fiverr account right on the front page. The more effort you put into building an audience, the more money that’ll flow in.

3. Social Media

Whether you promote your gigs to your Facebook fans or your large following on Twitter, social media is a sure way to increase the traffic to your gigs. Since Facebook has been cutting out how many fans see Facebook pages they’ve liked, creating a Facebook page may not be worthwhile. Twitter has a lot of potential. You can do routine searches to see who’s looking for a service like yours. Determine the keywords people use to search for your Fiverr gig and then use those same keywords to determine what Twitter users are searching for. Another great social platform to drive traffic to your Fiverr page is Pinterest. You’ll need to post pictures of things that relate to gig such as an infographic, cool product you make, etc.

4. YouTube

If you’re selling video testimonials or video spokesperson gigs, surely you will want to have a YouTube channel to promote yourself. But you can also drive traffic from YouTube to your gigs if you get creative enough. If you’re selling something like SEO for $5, why not upload YouTube videos about how to optimize your site with Google and include a link to your services. Users searching for ways to optimize their search engine results on Google will be likely interested in your affordable services.

5. Comment on blogs/articles

A great way to get your Fiverr profile and services out there is to search for relevant niche websites that have a blog and post articles that are relevant to what you are selling on Fiverr. Most blogs allow you to include a link with your post and if the situation allows it, you could even mention in your comment that you provide a relevant service on Fiverr.

6. The Fiverr forum and LinkedIn group

Fiverr actually has a forum to promote your gigs. I suggest trying it out if you’re new. You’ll get a lot of feedback in there from other sellers and it could certainly help you if you’re new to it all. Fiverr also has a LinkedIn Group for sellers. Be friendly and introduce yourself as well as ask for some critiques on your gigs. It will allow you to post links to your gigs as well as receive more feedback to help you improve the writing and titles on your gigs.

7. Offer to guest post

If you’re knowledgeable about a topic that is relevant to what you are selling on Fiverr, offer to write an article for relevant blogs and websites and in turn have them allow you to include a link to your gigs at the end of the article. It’s a great way to drive relevant niche traffic to your gigs with very little work.

Follow these Killer Tips at To Increase Fiverr Sales in 2015 

Remember to think outside the box when it comes to getting traffic from external sources to your gigs. Fiverr does a good job of promoting your gigs for you and eventually, you will find that you will have to do less and less promotion as your gigs become more and more popular. These are great tips for new sellers who want to get their gigs some initial sales and reviews. Good luck!
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Be sure to disclose when this is your content +Tariq Khan. Thanks!
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David Trounce

Marketing & Sales  - 
Do emotions matter in B@B or are we all just RIO paper boys with a Calculator? The research by Google is interesting.

If you’re someone who likes to see numbers, there are studies to back this up. One recent one "From Promotion to Emotion: Connecting B2B Customers to Brands" by Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Google, offers some amazing findings, showing that, in fact, emotions are vital to B2B marketing success.
Are B2B buyers emotionless? Studies say no. Here's how you can make your B2B marketing more human, and better connect with your customers.
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+Rebecca Quinn My pleasure, I always try to get real research to support my or others opinion, that way you earn respect and credibility in eyes of your readers! :)
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Arshad Amin

Marketing & Sales  - 
Article by +Arshad Amin 
Here are Twenty solid facts about Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) collected from well reputed research journals, research institutes/organizations, work done by Marketing Gurus; that can help you a lot in understanding its significance in present day market plus you can also apply insights gained from these facts, utilizing WOMM to the benefit of your business, brand.

Word of Mouth Marketing & Services (Fact # 2)
“Customer WOM is extremely important in the case of services because they imply a greater perceived risk than do goods. Services lack the opportunity of observation and trial before a purchase and thus involve a greater risk of making a wrong buying decision. Encountering this increased risk and uncertainty associated with services, consumers seek advice from trustworthy sources before adopting a service (6).”

For more read the article

#marketingtips #businesstips   #WOMM #smallbusinesstips
#marketingstrategy   #facts  
Here are Twenty solid facts about Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) collected from well reputed research journals, research institutes/organizations, work done by Marketing Gurus; that can help you a lot in understanding its sig...
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+Ryan Mellor  Thank You :)
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Telsec Business Centres

Marketing & Sales  - 
Heard this quote today on the elevator and just had to share it with this community. When you think about it, who can better tell people about your work than someone who has paid for your product or service.
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Cheval Capital Inc

Marketing & Sales  - 
The Largest Tech Acquisitions since 2000

As an #investment  bank, we specialize in mergers and acquisitions, and Cheval Capital has a particular emphasis in the Internet services and hosting industries.

As such, this +YourStory list of the biggest technology-based acquisitions since the year 2000 was of particular interest to us.

Topping the list is the +AOL - +Time Warner Cable acquisition is the biggest at $106 billion, as well as one of the most notorious and talked about.

Read the full list at the link below.

#acquisition   #merger   #mergersandacquisitions   #tech   #business  +Frank Stiff +Hillary Stiff 
As we get news of smaller acquisitions and acqui-hires, we decided to look back over the decade and see some of the biggest and largest acquisitions of the
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