My business I'm trying to start-up is non-profit for now.
#JMGmovement is the display and social network.

"The community dad" - is the basic name of my idea/business
My business is targeting boys/man of youth and early adulthood whom grew up with rough backgrounds, childhood, without a dad, or any parental figure.
I want to provide a safe, and positive place for young men to come in, have a spot for homework, job resources and interview tips. Learning things I wish I had a dad to have taught me- shaving, working on cars, playing sports, etc.
My personal childhood, and experience through the foster care system, then aging out with no since of life direction, I want to spread random act of kindness, and be a person that can positively influence or save a child/someone's life

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What is drop shipping and how is it done?

Drop shipping is an affordable way for entrepreneurs to get into the retail business. It is steadily becoming more popular. With customers it is pretty much the same as a typical transaction. if you want to learn more about drop shipping take a look at the full article by Fit Small Business. #dropshipping   #entrepreneur   #retail   #growingbiz   #share   #learn  

Hey group I have a question for you all. What impact does social media have on your individual business and on businesses that you choose to purchase from/endorse? All answers will help out.

Thanks in advance,

DeVon--Future Entrepreneur

Early morning question. Has Information Technology help grow your business and if so how? What systems would you point out as helping out the most? Give examples of software you know will help any startup or small business.

DeVon-Future Entrepreneur 

Next post question. Does anyone know how to obtain CRM programs or HRIS programs without being a business just yet. Or a platform to purchase to figure out if this arena is what people will need in order to turn it into a business venture or not. Or possibly a team to join that can give experience on how to utilize these systems. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Future entrepreneur 

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Hey Crushes! WcW Podcast is looking for a Social Media and Community Management Intern! For More Info:

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We’ve been conditioned to define ourselves by the title or label that we get from our job, business, or careers… but we have to get back to truly knowing who we are. I promise you that WE ALL have a special purpose on this earth that is unique to us. But how can we know where we are going in life if we don’t even know ourselves.

 So I wanted to shoot this video to remind us that we are more than just a position at a job or a title from a career. Before that “title” you had characteristics that made up who you are. So lets get back to being able to express who we are deeper than just a title. 

I hope everybody continues to have an awesome day!

Does anyone know of blogs that are outsourcing for content writers?

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Wake up and start the work week with a #Roar  !
#mondaymotivation   #monday   #dmeconsulting  
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