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Rob Gordon

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This is today - in an hour and a half.   Still plenty of slots available if you would like to join us. 
Rob Gordon originally shared:
Everyone knows that co-working spaces are great for small business, startups, and the self-employed, but what if you can't afford one?  - or if there isn't one near where you live?   I thought we should try a little experiment to see if some elements of co-working can be replicated in a Google HOA. 

In a real world co-working space part of the benefit is when during the course of work you take the time to learn about the projects of someone working in a different area - and sometimes unexpected energy and creativity comes out of these interactions.    Maybe we can use hangouts to "hack" this a bit and get some of the good stuff in not nearly so time consuming manner.   

I am thinking this will be a step up from our "small business coffee break" meeting but still informal.   Participants will have to give some "bigger picture" background on their business, but mostly it will be about current projects - whatever you are working on right now.   Other participants can ask questions and throw out ideas, but not "critique" unless requested.   We just want to learn more about each other and support each other if possible.

This is something of an experiment but it should be interesting.   To participate simply open the work projects you want to show us in tabs in your browser so you can get to the easily when you do a desktop share.    This is not a presentation so you don't need to do any special preparation beyond that.  

Think of it this way - in a co-working space a co-working might ask "What have you been working on" - and you might show him some draft documents or other work-in-progress and talk about it a bit.   That is all this is - just a way to talk to fellow entrepreneurs about what we are up to and maybe exchange a few ideas.   

This meeting will be recorded as an HOA but future sessions may be done privately.   
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Rob Gordon. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Virtual Co-Working Session
Thu, April 23, 2:00 PM
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Sorry I had to leave early. I needed to take a rather lengthy and somewhat important phone call. 
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Vanessa Salley-Hinds

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Good evening everyone! So what's your plans for this weekend?
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Manish Patil

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Hi guys, Is there any website/platform where all entrepreneurs can communicate with each other, have discussions and find investors? kind-of a social network specially made for entrepreneurs?
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Go on likdin and search groups lots of great info and people 
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Paula Guilfoyle

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Producing quality content regularly to post online can be very time consuming.  Here are some tip that might help you save some time and recycle existing content that you already have.  it would be interesting to hear how you recycle online content?
There are many ways to recycle content and save some time. Today will will cover not 5 but 8 top tips to recycle content online
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Oyinkansola E

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‪#‎TBT‬ Remember your response at your first interview when you were asked how much you were looking at earning? Here's @frankdonga's ‪#‎Comedy‬
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Very funny
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Terry Consulting

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Hello Friends,

I am Trupti Dalia, providing Software Development/Consultancy services under the name of "Terry Consulting". I provide services for Desktop, Mobile, Web, Database related [Entry/Scrapping/Mining/Processing] since year 2001.

I believe in providing Quantity Products, Timely Delivery, 100% Client's Satisfaction. Compromise in any Quality in my work has no space over here.

I have provided many Solutions and Services to many client's worldwide on various platforms, languages and using various technologies. I provide and suggest the best based on Client's needs and requirements.

Satisfaction rate of my 92% of Clients is 100%. I look forward to grow my business and keep providing best services to my clients.

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Thanks Rob.
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J.C. Avila

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Hello fellow entrepreneurs, I'm trying to find out how to help better the people in this community. Would you mind taking a few minutes to help me out? I really, really apreciate it.
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Thanks +Rob Gordon, I really appreciate it.
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Hello ! I am a new member, thanks to have accepted me in your community. I am a small entrepreneur, and I would be happy to shortly introduce my work. (feedback welcome)

It is today a fact that the first touch we mostly have with new customers, or partners, more occurs on social networks, and the most often on websites. There, they discover aproposition, and have a first impression of who we are, through a photograph ... Sometimes, with a directory image (sometimes also a shot taken twenty years ago)  - one image among others - same size - same posture and same   smile - nothing that can really draw attention on who we really are, 

As an entrepreneur, I aslked myself how to project a different image, that will valorize immediately our personnality, and express our difference.

And I have thought that to walk outside from the crowd of anonymes entrepreneurs, we have to try to show a difference at the first glance. Why not using an original portrait ?

Please, have a look to this short video :
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These are very nice
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You Can Easily Make Money with Sleepbox in a Small Space

Modern people often travel between different countries and cities. People are often in a state of prolonged waiting for the train or airplane to go to the next point of travel. Want to sleep and rest but not booked a room at the hotel. For such cases were constructed mobile facilities Sleepbox area of 2.5 x 1.6 meters and a height of 2.5 to 3 meters. There are many ideas for places where it can be installed Sleepbox.

For Example a Few Ideas:
1. Stadiums where fans come from many countries to sporting events.
2. Large shopping centers where many people come to shop from remote areas.
3. Mini hotels in the center of large cities where a very expensive commercial property.
4. On the borders between the countries, where thousands of truck drivers waiting in line.

If you know a few of these places, then you can make money with Sleepbox.

Read more please:

#sleepbox   #businesstips   #smallbusinesstips   #smallspace 
You can easily make money with Sleepbox. Just need to find the right place to install it.
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About this community

A global community of "entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs" for small business owners, startup founders, solopreneurs and the self employed. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING 1. Exercise judgement in posting links. Provide a summary and include your unique opinion. PEER REVIEWED - NO LINK DUMPING 2. Fully disclose if you are the author of a post or have vested interests in its recommendations. POST YOUR OWN MATERIAL RARELY. 3. Introduce your business and website but don't advertise - TALK TO US AS EQUALS. COMMUNITY MODERATORS Rob Gordon, Mike Bayes, Devan Perine, Rebecca Quinn, Nishadha Silva, Stephanie Sims
Why #Mobile-friendliness is the need of the hour for #Business #Websites

According to a recent announcement by Google, mobile-friendliness of a website will produce significant impact on the mobile search result pages from April 21 of 2015. It is not hard to decipher what the big tech giants want. Mobile internet users are rising in number at a blistering pace. More than 1.5 billion users browse websites on mobiles.
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Finance Magnate

Member Introductions  - 
Hi Entrepreneurs,
Just getting use to this community and its governing body.
I think someone doesn't like when you recommend something good or maybe its the way I am doing it.
We are 'Finance Magnate' a website that speaks to the ordinary person on the street looking to get out of the governing system that's holding them back.
What we try to do is put ourselves in the other persons shoes and give them 'REAL' help to get out of the doldrums that they find themselves in.
Our help is backed by a very good educational source which we highly recommend and stand by.
I hope this introduction is allowed as I cannot communicate with the gods.
We have 'GOOD' intentions at Finance Magnate UK.
Help us to help you.
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WARNING! Sales promotion can kill your business! (Case Study)

A different but very reasonable angle with deep insight on sales promotion!

#salestips   #marketingtips #marketingstrategy   #promotion   #businesstips   #businessdevelopment   #smallbusinesstips   #smallbusinessmarketing  
Sales Promotion, a common marketing practice employed by business owners, managers with an aim to improve sales, clear out inventories, launch new product, tackle competitors, attract retailers or middlemen so to expand and d...
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Patti Pokorchak

Marketing & Sales  - 
+David Newman is a brilliant marketer who gets sales too - quite rare. These are worth trying. What else do you have to lose since they're not returning your calls nor emails!?!
Your prospect has stopped responding. Voice mail and email go unanswered. You're left wondering where things stand. Here are 12 super-short emails to help revive them—get them to declare yes or no—so you can move forward or declare them officially dead.
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Greetings to all from Michael Payne with Waste Erase, a start up for doing just that. Looking forward with learning from yous, all the quirks with running a new business.
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There are some nice take-aways in the following article from Entrepreneur. One point I found to be incredibly valuable is the fact that social media needs to stay fresh and engaging. When things get stale, you risk losing your audience. It's easy to lose touch with your following when you don't keep the conversations going, just like with personal friends.

If you want to guarantee a more effective strategy, follow these tactics and avoid ones that will do more harm.
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Louise Thomas

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Hi my husband and I have our own family run business in Chiang Mai Thailand where we live with our 2 young daughters. We have a fitness, weight loss and wellness retreat based on a health resort where we own a home. Our guests come from all over the World and from all walks of life. Many are looking for a fresh start as they want to kick start good healthy habits and also many want to re-charge their batteries and feel closer to nature. I have always been an entrepreneur and have worked for myself since I was 19 when I had my own market stal,l at age 22 I set up my own fitness classes and I am turning 50 this year! If you are looking for a healthy active retreat then please get in touch.
The Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp is dedicated to YOU our guest. We are here to help you get fitter, healthier and energized in an enchanting setting. Our first class fitness holidays are a fantastic way to enjoy time … Continue reading ...
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Thanks +Rob Gordon for your positive words! I hope you are doing well. Have a great day!
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Looking for Social Entrepreneurs
For a client website we are looking to feature a social entrepreneur from Asia or Europe for the blog.

A write up will be done on someone with an established organization giving back to the community in some way. If you know of anyone or would like to highlight your own venture e-mail me by 4/48 with names and brief descriptions.

An example of the type of write ups done is attached as a link.
Cynthia Koenig, social entrepreneur helps in designing affordable innovations that increase opportunities for people who lack access to clean water.
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Aneta Cholevova

Startup Business Topics  - 
Hi everyone, I am thinking to start a new business and need to know how would people react. Please can you help me by answering the following question: 
You are good at doing what you do. Now let's assume some person wishes a lot to be good at it too (it is his/her dream), just doesn’t know how to achieve it.
Would you be willing to personally guide that person for some time if s/he simply asks you for help and guidance?
Thank you soooo much for every of your answers! :)
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