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Google+ to Shut Down Early
We've just learned that the G+ API will be shut down within 90 days and Google+ for consumers will sunset in April of 2019 instead of August. Be sure to follow the G+ announcements if you plan to save your data. Also, you may want to post your other social media sites on your own profiles and pages so people can follow you. Connect with everyone you want to stay in touch with as soon as possible.

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Intrapreneurial Mindset of Retail Store Leader: A Grounded Theory

The current competitive business environment is rapidly changing. Human resource is the main key to the business in recent years. In today’s #retail_business, the role of store leader is very important because the retail store performance is determined by a store leader. Unfortunately, some store leaders do not have the right mindset when running their #job. The concept of #intrapreneurship is to transform the personal initiative, innovative behaviour, and managerial skills into an individual performance. This framework of intrapreneurial mindset is expected to answer the gap in an empirical situation.

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So what leadership skills do you need to develop? The author addresses three at length: attention management; delegation; and coaching. He advises leaders to practice these under-utilized skills over the next three months, saying “you’ll find yourself with much more time on your hands to deal with the important but not urgent aspects of your job”.

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Too busy to read up on the latest business news and tips? We’ve summarized them for you in our weekly roundup!

This week's roundup features business location and local SEO strategies for startups and new SMEs, leadership and management skills, world-changing startups to watch for in 2019, and small business technology trends.

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Henry Mintzberg, the renowned scholar and Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, selected 42 of the best posts from his popular blog for his new book, “Bedtime Stories for Managers”. The lesson from one notable story is: “Managing by status and positional authority kills engagement and crushes the souls of organizations”. He then shares several observations of how status damages teams, from managers expecting others to serve them to being rarely accessible.

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In this article, the author begins with “To develop a business from the ground up is a lot of leg work and long hours — but it doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing process. If you get the basics right from the beginning, you can confidently dismiss work-related stress in the long-run too.” He then discusses five things you can do from the beginning to avoid (or at least minimize) stress, from being “realistic from the get-go about what you can achieve and how much it’s going to cost you” to finding a mentor who can offer an outside perspective.

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Technical entrepreneurs are early adopters of technology, so they tend to build things with people like themselves in mind. But, the author contends, “early adopters represent only 10 to 15 percent of the total opportunity, so it’s easy to get misled on the real requirements of mainstream customers.” This often leads to what the author calls “failing by early adopters”. He then discusses five critical points entrepreneurs should understand to maximize results from both early adopters and mainstream customer adopters, from collecting feedback across the total range of customers to balancing your focus on engineering elegance.

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Coursera, a top continuing education site, has released its annual list of its 10 most popular online courses for 2018. Offered by esteemed universities like Yale, Princeton, and Stanford, as well as top foreign colleges, they range from Machine Learning to Chinese for Beginners.

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