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Rebecca Quinn

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How can we help and promote other small businesses?

Let's think about this together and brainstorm ideas. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Rather than just trying to promote our own businesses ... what would happen if we promoted others as well?

As a small business owner I have a duty to help other small businesses when I can. I like to encourage people to shop small and shop local. I also try to share news about other businesses on my social media and in person.
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As small biz owners, we need to walk the talk.

Always shop small whenever we can.

Explain to others why it is so important to shop small - keeping the dollars in our communities.

Participate in small business days (like Small Business Saturday in the U.S.)
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Arshad Amin

Marketing & Sales  - 
Very Simple Marketing Plan For Any Small Business

If you are a Small Business Owner who has just recently launched his small business and now wondering about the marketing side of your startup or a would be Entrepreneur who want to know more about, how to handle "marketing side" of your future startup.

And if you don't want those lengthy "theoretical stuff" about marketing with no way of knowing if those things really work, rather want to have a SIMPLE, EASY, EFFECTIVE Marketing Plan then this article is a must read for you.

The article provides a simple marketing plan for any type of small business with practical, result delivering suggestions on how to do it effectively and with ease

Marketing plan discussed in this brief article can be handled easily by a single individual without much effort and can have healthy effects on overall business!

Benefits you will see in months time, benefits you will be able to measure, no unknowns of the unknowns kind of things, everything absolutely clear, objective, measurable!

Article by +Arshad Amin 

#marketingplan #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingstrategy
#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #marketingtips #startup  
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Richard Darell

Small Business Topics  - 
Great tips for small business owners!
As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep up your company's profitability. These 6 tips will help you increase your company's success.
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helpful tips for business owners
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Denisse Gutierrez

Planning & Strategy  - 

Why your employees should define your company core values?
The short answer is Yes! Wouldn’t it be great if your employees created such an incredible work environment that they actually challenged each other to aim
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Patriot Software

Small Business Topics  - 
Not all employee rewards need to cost money! We've shared some of our best tips for showing you appreciate your employees--even when you're on a tight budget.

Our company culture strives to keep bureaucracy at a minimum--our managers consider their team members their coworkers, keeping employee morale high. In the office, saying "Thank you!" is just as important as saying "Hello!"

What are the cost-free ways you show appreciation for your employees?
Do you know how to reward your employees on a budget? As a small business owner, you can show employees appreciation without breaking the bank.
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+Rebecca Quinn Thanks for the feedback! Post has been edited. 
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Dariya Lopukhina

Internet / Web / Social  - 
The cost of building a custom medical software depends on overall scope and complexity of the project. This article goes over the key modules that a healthcare IT system may consist of and provides a ballpark time estimates for each of them. The cost of development may vary depending on the developer's rates, exact functionality required for each module and additional features. However, these time estimates is a good starting point to calculate the potential budget for building medical IT systems.
The scope of work required for medical app development may vary depending on the range of features and functionality. Thus, the cost may vary too. Here are approximate estimates for the key modules of a healthcare IT system.
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Really fascinating stuff! 
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Dara Lin

Marketing & Sales  - 
Every agency professional knows that sinking feeling -- you pursued what you thought was a warm lead for weeks, only to have them pass on your services. You don't understand where it all went wrong. Your agency has a lot to offer, so why aren't any of your prospects taking the bait?

It's time to stop getting your hopes up and start incorporating these strategies into your agency's business development plan.
Start winning more clients for your agency with these six tips.
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Thomas Harris

Planning & Strategy  - 
We all know it's pointless to compete with the big stores on prices - instead focus on providing exceptional customer service. What are some other ways eCommerce small businesses can stand out? 
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Terence Chang

Fundraising & Crowdfunding  - 
I had this question for a while. This infographic tell it all.

I wonder has anyone here gone with the VC route for their startup?
How Startup Funding Works? - Just found this treasure.

Did not know such a wonderful site out there. You can find the original article @

The biggest lesson learn from last night @ GCU (Grand Canyon University), is that Negative Working Capital is the ideal way to launch your startup. Ex.

Hope one day, I will have my own success story up there.

#startup #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #infographic
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Konstantin Kulakov

Startup Business Topics  - 
Hi All! We just launched - Professional Human Translations in your Gmail. It is a browser extension for Chrome which adds a translation button to your Gmail. When you send email you can press this button and send your email in 40+ languages. This is done almost instantaneously with the help of our translators located around the world and available 24/7. This is useful for companies and individuals who have international presence and want to make sure that their message is understood. You can try it now for free. I would appreciate any feedback!
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Elizabeth Hahn

Member Introductions  - 
Hello everyone! I have two small business - one is fine art photography, (EM Hahn Photography) and I'm also just getting going with a WordPress design, graphic design, and Social Media management company (Cow and Rooster Design). They're related in some ways but completely different in others! I have sold prints and other photography items to several countries, but Cow and Rooster is mostly geared toward helping local businesses.

Both are sole proprietorships, and the one thing I do miss about working in an office is being able to sound ideas off of other people. My cat just stares at me when I ask him what he thinks of something!

I do have a mentor through the local branch of the Small Business Development Center who is a HUGE help.

But I'm still looking forward to seeing other's opinions and feedback!
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+Rebecca Quinn thank you!
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John Cameron

Small Business Topics  - 
This post is about generating profits. Some people have it figured out while others struggle to reach breakeven. This is an interesting read that gets right to the heart of the matter and delivers some useful and practical advice.
How to Make my Business More Profitable: a very interesting post that helps entrepreneurs improve business profits. Practical strategies for profit growth.
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Magnus Vivadeepa

Blog Posts & eBooks  - 

There are hundreds of project management books on the market and searching for the next one can be intimidating. Perhaps you don’t know where you should start reading? Or you are just on the hunt for another good project management book? If that’s the case, you will definitely find something for you in this article. It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to the project management topic or an advanced manager. I guarantee you will find something interesting on this list!
But as we all know, spare time as a project manager is very limited, so I decided to add four audiobooks to my list. That way you can listen to them on the go!

Click the link below to see the full article.
There are hundreds of project management books on the market and searching for the next one can be intimidating. This article summarizes also audiobooks.
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Mill For Business

Startup Business Topics  - 
Hello everyone,

Starting a business is easy, but making it work is hard.

If you think of starting your own (small) business make sure you check this guide on How To Start a Business at:

No signups, no email needed - heartily available for anyone!

We hope this will help you to start in a right way and become a successful business owner!

Below are the most important parts of the guide (if you do not feel like reading it in full):

The process of starting a new business might look easy and pretty straightforward. And surprisingly it is actually very easy to start, but very hard to keep it up.

Nine times out of ten new business owner will face a tremendous pressure. You have to know this beforehand.

You do not start a business for the sake of starting a business, right? :)

You need to make it profitable and long lasting.

So, it is always good to be well prepared. However, no matter how well equipped you are you'll face more challenges than you would ever expect. It is not easier than corporate job and it's not easier than going to work at 8 (or 9) and coming home at 5 (or 6).

It is hard - know this.

Although, it's tough you can still mitigate your future burden with perfect planning and 100% pragmatic approach.

You just have to be pragmatic and systematic with everything you do to get the results you want. Being pragmatic/systematic is damn boring, but it works.

Below are the steps you'll have to go through:

Business idea

Does not have to be something new. Has to be viable. Many businesses are built on very plain concepts (ideas). Restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, law firms etc. and they work. They become profitable.

So, no need to struggle trying to generate the completely new business idea. It's totally fine as long as it's viable.

Here is a table to help you come up with the suitable business idea:

Market research

Sounds fancy, costs tons of money. We recommend simply to go out and talk to your potential customers. It's free. You should know well to whom you are going to sell.

So, talk to people.

Tell them about your business. Ask them if they would buy your product or service. Try to get the opinion of unbiased people. Your friends and family may unintentionally misguide you by telling that your product or service is awesome just because they love you.

Business Plan

This is the most important part of the whole process. No, I'm not talking about those boring 10-15 sheets business plans for investors. I'm talking about a business plan that is a BATTLEFIELD! Yeah :)

The battle is between your business and the outside world. You team up with your business idea to prove that it’s viable and at the same time you team up with the outside world to prove that it’s not. Try to beat the outside world on paper. Be 100% unbiased. If you can't be unbiased then you better support the outside world than your business idea.


If you've beaten the outside world on paper (or screen? on your business plan :) then chances are that your business idea is viable. If so, do not wait and start immediately.

Regardless of how strong is your business plan, starting a new business nine times out of ten means leaving your comfort zone – which is, well, not comfortable. If the only thing stopping you is the fear to leave your comfort zone (or something similar, definitely not serious) don’t even think of it.

Just start it.

Once started stay focused till you make it (and even after).

That's pretty much the whole truth about starting a (small) business.

It may look simple, but you'll discover more details once you dive in.

Hope this will inspire you to start conquering the world.

Good luck!

Mill Team

#business #smallbusiness #businesstips #startup #guide #howtostartabusiness
How to start a business? This Guide walks you through process of starting a business and helps to optimize each step to make your new business successful.
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+Rebecca Quinn Thank you! We are so happy to be useful for the community :)
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Joe Forte

Marketing & Sales  - 
The Complete Guide to Instagram for Business - Everything you need to know to create a killer Instagram marketing strategy for your business. Read more...

#instagram #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing  
Learn exactly how to create your Instagram marketing strategy from scratch and optimize an existing strategy for long-term success.
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Lilach Bullock

Marketing & Sales  - 
For my latest blog post, I partnered up with Visme to create an infographic on how to increase your conversion rates in 10 simple steps.

You’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to implement some of these steps – and yet even these small changes can make an impact on your conversion rate.

The infographic is here (there's also an embed code if you fancy embedding it on your site!)
Want to improve your website conversion rate? Lilach Bullock shares 10 simple steps that you can take to get more conversions of your website.
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Brenda Burch

Member Introductions  - 
Hi-Tech Design Pillows and Upholstery 
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Welcome to the community +Brenda Burch!
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