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Jda demand planning online training by maxmunus
JDA Demand Planning
JDA Demand Planning is a system that improves the accuracy of your business and inventory plans by building an incorporated, synchronized picture of true demand signals across your trading network. This planning management solution helps you avoid having too much or too little items in your inventory.
• Retail Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Vendor Management
• Real-time collaborative scenario planning between demand and supply
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Scenario Planning: Addressing a Capability Gap Affecting Industry Competitiveness
Authored by Charles Edwards and Carter McNabb
Exponential population and technology growth is occurring at a rate never before seen in history. Together, these forces have created the data driven world we live in. The business landscape has become more competitive and complex given the increased level of capability required to scale, evolve and rapidly gain market share; shortening the business maturity lifecycle.

A critical success factor to survival in both nature and business is the ability to learn and implement quickly – to adapt and evolve. By reducing the time it takes for your business to know what’s happening, learn what is needed for success and implemention, you can outpace your competitors and capture new opportunities.

Today, there is an imperative to turn the vast seas of data into information, something useable which drives insights and enables us to make decisions which optimally utilise assets and resources. In operational speak, this entire process is enabled by excellence in Scenario Planning.

This presentation covers the relevancy of Scenario Planning today including an analysis of the stages of S&OP maturity and a case study with Australian food manufacturer Simplot, a leader in S&OP maturity and Scenario Planning.

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New article - Systems of Record

Do you ever think about the evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems into Systems of Record? Have you ever wondered what implication this has for supply chain professionals? If so, you may like to read this article 'Systems of Record' which has just been published in MHD Magazine.

The article's author Sam Wardill muses on the evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems into Systems of Record and the implication this has for supply chain professionals.

Read the article Systems of Record.

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The Emergence of the Demand-Driven Service Chain
In Australia, the services sector is worth more than $1.66 trillion, employs around 78% of the workforce and represent 18% of Australia’s exports. The largest components of the sector are tourism, education, healthcare and financial services. Yet despite its overall size and significance to the Australian economy, service chains have historically tended to lag supply chain maturity.

GRA views service chain management as an integrated system that must be considered holistically and be supported by a dedicated function within an organisation.

Our Service Chain Excellence Framework enables service organisations to approach the service chain management task in an integrated manner. There are 3 key sections: Business Strategy, Target Operating Model and Service Chain Operations.

View GRA's presentation 'The Emergence of the Demand-Driven Service Chain' below.

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The Supply Chain Business Institute (SCBI) has just announced new course dates for one of its most popular and well received short courses, Demand & Supply Planning Excellence.

This two-day course reviews the fundamental levers for optimising service levels, inventory costs and inventory levels as well as forecasting techniques and strategies for different inventory types. In addition, participants review the techniques and tools required to take their forecasting and inventory management capabilities to the next level and achieve Demand & Supply Planning excellence.

Melbourne – July 11-12
Sydney – July 18-19

This practical two-day course aims to give participants an understanding of the techniques and tools required to take their demand, inventory and supply planning capabilities to the next level and deliver “best in class” performance.

This course will:

Educate in the principles of forecasting & inventory management
Provide a ‘how to’ framework for their application
Explore the pros and cons of different forecasting and inventory management approaches
Assess the impact that improved forecasting & inventory management can have on business performance
Discuss successful implementation approaches
Identify opportunities for participants to apply the knowledge they have gained in the course within their own organisations
Early Bird Offer

Register and pay by 16/6/2017 to receive the Early Bird price of $1995 +GST.

Register your interest at the Supply Chain Business Institute website.

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Graduate Roles getting harder to secure
Graduate Roles getting harder to secure

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Upcoming Course Dates:

Demand & Supply Planning Excellence

SYDNEY - 19th & 20th July, 2016
MELBOURNE - 20th & 21st October, 2016

Register Now to secure your spot! Early Bird rates are for a short time only.

Don't miss out on your chance to attend our most popular course!

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Retailers must develop communities to encourage and develop a collaborative partnership with their customers.  This will require a change in culture and adoption of cloud technologies to support.  What steps can the retailer take to prepare the framework and strategy for developing the collaborative community?
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