It is a city of refuge for anyone who sins or whom the accuser of brethren is chasing, the moment you enter you are save, the accuser of brethren won’t come near to take any revenge. But once you step out of the city and he sees you, he is free to kill you.

It is revealed to me as a temporary place of refuge, where you can either come out and die or come out and live. Coming out and still living can only happen if the anointed high priest is dead, it sounds like a cool story but it’s actually cooler than it sounds.

Do you know we have just one high priest? Jesus the anointed, he died, the moment he did, he granted your bail from the temporary refuge, you can now work up and down the city with a guiltless heart and with no one running after you to kill you, the bible says in the book of Romans 8:1 that there is no condemnation if you are in Christ Jesus.

Of course you can still remain in the manslayer city for two reasons, the first is if you don’t know the high priest had died (maybe you had no one to tell you) you have no idea who Jesus is, your only bail out!!!, the second way you can remain in the city is even after knowing and accepting the fact, you still accuse yourself even when the accuser had given up on that, you no longer believe you should live because you’ve sinned, no, that wasn’t the deal, any one the son of man sets free is free indeed.

Aren’t you tied of the manslayer city? Don’t you need some fresh air? If you do, talk to your creator, he is all ears, ready to take and cleanse you.

Prayer: lord I accept you as my Lord and savior, as the only high priest who knows my infirmities, I pray you wash me and make me whole and free in Jesus name.
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