Miracle at St.Anna: Was the little boy that was missing Allman's son? If so how did he get lost/away from home?

Miracle at St.Anna: Everyone had weird names in this book so I predict that it might be code for something. I also wondered if the soldiers were all prisioners or not?

Miracle at St.Anna: It's weird that people judge others on how they cope with loved ones deaths.
I hate how woman didnt have rights back then. They should be able to dream/think. I hate that this book is racist and has sexist

Miracle at St.Anna:
Why did everyone owe Bishop money?
If i was stamps, i'd shoot Bishop for how negative he is!
Did Bishop have a traggic loss in the past? Is this why he doesnt want anything to do with the boy?
Why does Bishop preach about the lords good name if he doesnt een believe in him? 

Miracle at St.Anna: Why wont train take the sick, injured boy to get help? Does he know something that no one else knows or is he just being dumb?

Miracle at St.Anna: Maybe the woman in the boys dream was a sign saying go another way because it is not a safe way to go. A lot of signs have been happening, it seems like.

Miracle at St.Anna: The statue head seems to either cut/blow people up, is it bad luck? Is it only good luck for train, since it makes him invisible?

the book thief: rudy and liesel are really close. they're always playing, stealing, hanging out, etc. together and i wonder if they'll still be friends when they get older and what will happen to them

Between Shades of Grey: I think it would be best if Lina and Jonas stayed out of trouble with the N.K.V.D. so they could maybe have an increased chance of getting out of the camp. #gvhsread

Between Shades of Grey: i think it is very thoughtful of the family to work hard to earn their food and even though they have so little of it they are still sharing the food with the old man that has the broken leg. Really shows how caring they are of other people even in the hard times the family is in. #gvhsread
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