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The moon they say it reflects of the sun but when the Apollo 13 landed recordings show dark rock why? Because it never happened it never will we never left earth we have been lied too never believe what you hear on tv people there's so many things I wish to tell you but too many in one night today please follow for more truths of the world good night and know were in danger

Vaccines to man kind these are a cure but the truth these are the source of most diseases autism is caused by vaccines have you noticed autism couldn't have just been just air born it had to come from something right? It came from vaccines the source of autism,cancer, and many more don't get vaccinated I have problems were if I get vaccines I get autism but you might have it so I swear if you don't get your family vaccines you are going to have a happy life

Hello if you have vaccine injured story's just go to category and choose vaccines and if you have chemical trails videos or pictures please post or other building that got destroyed or if you want to talk about flat earth proof of you don't believe you can ignore that but I will prove the truth to you guys no matter how much I suffer no followers to hundreds of haters the Lord will guide me

The twin towers somehow a sudden wonder why two planes destroyed each building ah but you think it was a accident no no. First there were missiles aka the "planes" they were fired by government same thing as chemical trails are used and it was also brought down by a radio wave military weapon that over heats it also burned a parking lot melting without fire

The earth 3rd oldest thing in this universe in my Christian religion we say it's a sphere going over 9,000 mph but if you take a ball and spin it and have something on it it's flying off so why are we not flying of? Because we are on a flat earth with a dome atmosphere.we don't know about space at all

Chem Trails are made bye plains flying In the sky it spreads and it's like a line that expands and it poisoning us .but is it planes no sir it is a flying missile of some sort fired by the government that follows a invisible path and it comes back mysteriously and that's as I know

Hello welcome I'm here to tell you the truth about our world were vaccines are killing our kids chemical trails are poisoning us flat earth is real we never went to the moon I'm here and everyone else to show the truth of our world
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