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Amazing opportunity for startups with cool ideas that could revolutionize the world. GDG New Delhi is hosting Pitch Night on 26th April where you can pitch in your ideas in front of representatives of 500 Startups, GSF India, 91springboard, 5ideas, Tlabs, Helion Ventures and Matrix partners.

Is your startup ready to pitch in ?
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Idea: Elections will be held in India in 2014, but our politicians have already started their marches. So their are two things when I personally thing of elections. Firstly what did the politicians do in their last tenure. kitna paisa khaaya and things :P. So I need this info for must to choose my next minister and other things at block level ( Secondly when the elections would be going then I need where is the nearest election booth so that I can easily cast my vote ( So I am thinking of an amalgamation of both these under one roof. Plus we can do mock polls and find out the results from a region before hand (this can be the business model of it) because politicians might be interested in this. Apart from this we can also integrate the entire IPC so any one can just go up there and read stuff if they want to know more about India. And finally all the emergency numbers that might be needed by one in India :).
[Note: if any clarifications is required please feel free to reach out to me]

Because of the lack of participation, we have decided to delay the deadlines indefinitely.

However, this does not mean that Neighbourhood Watch Challenge is over

Instead, we will continue to entertain ideas, team formation and provide mentoring, while at the same time work to create a support system that we pledged to promising apps developed by the members. 

So if you still have an idea, or want to join a team, do join us and we promise to assist you in making the world a better place to live in. One line of code at a time.

I have a team to progress further on submitted Idea/s, Please confirm whether idea/s got approved for further progress or not. If yes then please connect me to the assigned mentor to proceed further steps and refine the idea for prototyping. Since time left is shorter than a month we need to accelerate.

There has been no communication on how to move forward from the ideation stage. Can the organisers please let me know how to proceed forward?

Idea Name: “Help me way back”
Ideator: Ashish S
Looking For: Web/Mobile developers 
Description: Leveraging mass volume to help the unfortunates
My Idea is a social cause of leveraging power of each citizen to help identify lost children (or people). Most of the lost children in India are forced /later ends up their life as roadside beggars. My idea is of developing a mobile app which helps you take photo of these beggars and submit the geo location & photo to our servers. You may choose to pay the beggar for the photograph if required. Our server will use high end image processing to match the photos of these beggars with the lost & found database of police stations (nationwide). Then respective guardians will be contacted to confirm the match & help them bring back the lost children to their true home. This may help each citizen to enable these children to find their way back to home. This even applies to another stigma of society : prostitution/ flesh trade, where majority of stolen or lost children are forced for such nonsense. If we leverage the mass population with a tool to make an effort in  identifying & locating such helpless children/people then we can make a better nation & can crib this dirty network of powerful people who all force these helpless innocent people to transforms to beggars or sell them to kins. To add more to this we can help unidentified child to get adopted by needy couple where they can shape their bright future. People can sponsor these helpless child through a relevant NGO. This nationwide database of geo-located photos and lost people info can help us bring a ray of hope to their helpless lives.
I’m also looking for backend developers; front end app developers & some NGO support to fund this project.

Only 2 ideas from 64 members? Is that all we have ? Is that all we think for our neighborhood ? Guys, what happened ! Where is all our energy going.....Come.. submit you ideas now !!

Idea Name: “Damini”
Ideator: Ashish S
Looking For: Web/Mobile developers 
Description: 24x7 Human Safety monitoring & Alerts
After Delhi rape case & numerous such case happening weekly, makes us think our limitation of not been able to contribute to stop this. My Idea is a small step to contribute to safety problem by using Mobile application. This application will monitor the human behavior over regular intervals to identify panic situation & help you under crisis by making an alert to specific family contacts and also by alerting near by  same app holders to get alert to react immediately to situation. Users can safeguard themselves and also can help the needy on the spot. Our purpose is to make this available till the low end phones. But for now lets start with android with accelerometer & camera.
I’m also looking for backend developers; front end app developers & some NGO support to fund this project.

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I'm a Mobile & Telecom enthusiast with over 13 years of industry experience. I'm a hands-on mobile developer on iOS and Android native platformas as well as an expert on hybrid development using Appcelerator Titanium, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap.

More details here -

Looking forward to building a kickass neighbourhood utility app for this challenge.

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