Does anyone else here wanna meet Blix?

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My characters Berryfur and Sunflower. But you can look at them as Bluestar and Firestar/Lionheart. :3

I know this community is basically dead, but HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD WALKED WITHOUT THE STARS YET!? GOD DANG-

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~Rewind by Blixemi~

Piano introduction

We've got nothing but time left now,
To let your fire shine
Shine brightly for me...

And do,
Please do all that you can do,
Do all I wasn't able to
But do it for you....

If I could rewind and change my mind,
Do it all again...

Mother said kittens must stay in the den now,
Might be StarClan's light...

All I ever wanted was to be something more...
(You can hope, though you may not know...)

Come on, Leafkit
I've never been out at night before!

Walked without the stars.
You left me...

I don't know how we ended up here

Half-blooded mind's flooded in a lake of doubt,
Am I punishment provided for love not allowed?

Light the way...
It's not up for us to change...

I can feel my heartbeat racing,
You won't be...

One not two

Wind and Sky,

Could I leave it all, behind?
I'm gonna make my moment momentous

It's all I lived for....

Go now it's your time
But I'll right there by your side,
Stride by....

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