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Name killer
Age unknown
Gender male
Group none
Race blood moon wolf
Power at a blood moon I can change into something I don't like
Mate none
Pups none
Bio I am the last of my kind 
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age:19 (in dog years)
bio:i got lost when the fire came they died my parents my sister.....lone wolf 
likes: Hmmm.... Noting since they died :I 

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Name: Mercedes
Age: 1(Wolf/Dog Years)
Gender: Female
Species: Winged Wolf
Pack: I Don't Know... I Don't Has One... :(
Family: I Doesn't Has Any Famiwy Cept My Teddy Oliver.
Mate: None
Pups: None
Skills: Can Fly But Needs Practice, Can Control Shadows.
Rank: Pup
Personality: Playfully, Childish, Tomboy, Submissive, Etc.
Likes: My Stuffed Teddy... That Is Mostly It.
Dislikes: The Dark, Spiders, Getting Hurt, Living By Herself Now.
Bio: I Wive In The Woods Awone, I Wants A Mommy Or Daddy Or Both.
(Pic Of Her In Wolf And Human Form)

(In Human Form)
Wanders Around The Forest Lost, Clutching To A Stuffed Teddy
Trys To Stay Near The Shadows As To Not Run Into The Big, Scawy, Growly Wolves Again

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20ish in wolf years
Appearance: Half dark gray and half light brownish, right eye blue, left eye red
Power: She seems to have a double personality.  When both parts work together for one goal, she's a lot more focused, and capable of a lot.  When they work towards opposing goals, she's confused, annoyed, and ineffective.
Group: Probably Tribe of the Sky
M?P?R?: No
Personality:  There are two
Echo's Personality: Friendly, Creative, Active
Shadow's Personality: Sinister, Intelligent, Calculating
History: Mostly unknown.
The rest of the Bio stuff: No one would be able to figure out how, but if you speak to Echo/Shadow, you'd be talking to potentially two wolves.  Shadow, with a ruthless personality which only Echo can keep in check, controls the left half of the brain, both ears, one eye, and two of the legs.  Shadow also houses the heart, but Echo keeps it going.  Echo, the more friendly of the pair, whom only Shadow can convince to inflict harm, controls the right half of the brain, the tail, and two of the legs.
Sorry if this is the weirdest wolf you've ever heard of.

Ash Rain hurries toward the only source of water she knew of around here, and plunged straight into it.  Get... it... off...
There was not the slightest change in the tint of her coat.  And the fire burning near her heart didn't change either.  She pushed herself just barely to shore and howled in fury.

Name: Bird that flies forever
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Appearance: Feathers is the colour of a red tailed hawks tail feathers and eyes are bright blue, has feathers instead of fur.
Group: Blades of Fire
Mate: Too young
Pups: Too young
Parents/Siblings: Jay that rest in tree and Robin that's sign of spring (both are parents) 
Bio: Parents are in the tribe of the sky but after the fire she tripped and fell into the other wolves world, this ended up giving her feathers instead of fur and hollow bones, and short wings which allow her to fly short distances up to 500m, though it is more like a huge graceful leap. Can't speak to wolves very well but can speak to birds, and has frequent contact with the tribe of the sky 

Can I plz plz plz!!! have a character that's a falcon that can speak wolf but can't speak bird very well, sort of like bird's oppisite

Fur is a misty colour, eyes are boldly brown
Can easily detect good will or bad, example: Can detect that Moona didn't start the fire, though is very bad at names, example: Would keep on calling moona, luna or Moony or Tuna
none known
nothing known about her, very mysterious
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