Been a while how is everyone?

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Check this article out!  Isn't this exactly what we were talking about a while back?

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Any of you guys tried Animal Flow?  

I've had these videos for a while and have incorporated them into workouts once in a while over the past summer, but I'm really ramping up into them over the past week.  

Watch a couple of the videos.  Ironically enough for this group, I was doing one of the workouts the other day and someone else in the gym was asking me if I was training to be Spider-Man.  :)  I'd have gotten smart and said "well, Nightwing maybe" ( as I'm a DC guy), but I appreciated the thought.  

I love this stuff - it's hard and makes you be mindful about what you're doing while you're working out.  And it gives you that awesome all-over sore rather than just giving you the localized pain that a lot of workouts give you.  
Animal Flow Workout Video
  Animal Flow Workout Video

Focus T25 and Saiyan level I #cardio complete

Have you planned your costume for this fall yet?

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Thoughts on Guardians of the galaxy, good movie or nah?

You guys ever see these workouts? They look pretty solid.

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Lol that is a cross over I would love to see Babylon5 and star wars
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As if the rebels were not enough to deal with..

I'm bringing this up here because I think I can get away with saying a lot of this stuff here and having it be understood.  

I am to the point where, as a health and fitness buff who also is a sci-fi/comics geek, that I don't even want to go to conventions, hang out with fellow geeks, etc., because it is absolutely depressing to walk around and see the total disregard so many (the vast majority, in my experience) of these fans have for their own health.  

I sort of get the problem and sympathize.  Lots of these folks were never good at sports or just weren't into them, and were bullied, etc. by the jocks and sport-os at their schools growing up.  And so the result is that they reject everything about fitness and health as part of that scene that caused them so much pain.  That part I totally get.  But I do not understand letting your health go to pot as a result.  

And it is very depressing to see people with so much to offer the world with their imagination and ideas simply check out of it.  

What do you think can be done about this problem?  How can we, as health-oriented geeks, attract these people into a world where they can be healthy and geeks at the same time?  
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