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"course description at UC-Santa Cruz declares, "The goal of this seminar is to learn how to organize a revolution. We will learn what communities past and present have done and are doing to resist, challenge, and overcome systems of power including (but not limited to) global capitalism"


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This is why Brexit is so important.
I have no say in these awful laws.
Not that the CPS aren't trying their level best to do the same... But at least we have more control over them!

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Social Justice (aka cultural Marxism) ruins everything it touches.

Find me an exception.

Just one.

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Yeah, pretty much what I think! Haha.

As far as free speech goes, Lee is very much against the breakdown of free speech due to this pathetic perpetually offended section of society -
See -

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Never was uttered a truer word.

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My conversation with actual Nazis.
This is how you go about it, not violence and petty yelling.
Just take apart their arguments systematically.
Make them make themselves look silly.

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That's true.
The pathetic and frankly racist idea of "cultural appropriation" really sickens me.
The idea that cultures should remain static, especially along racial lines, is straight forward race nationalism.
It's the exact same shit that the KKK and other white supremacist groups have espoused for hundreds of years, and there's actually a video of some very prominent white supremacists talking about what a godsend all this actually is - that they've been saying the same thing for decades!
I mean, what more do you need?!
If you're making the exact same arguments about race as a racist, then you're a racist. If you're against "race mixing" I don't care if you're David Duke or Muhammed Ali - you're a racist.
The idea that certain hairstyles or certain words or certain phrases should be reserved for certain skin tones is utterly reprehensible, and the idea that cultures are and more importantly should remain static is just laughable ignorance of what the word culture actually means, and when it's cut along racial lines it's just straightforward racism.
It's literally impossible for a culture to remain static and isolated from the influence of other cultures, and any attempt to force a culture to remain static and isolated, especially along racial lines, is usually born out of straight up racism.

The people complaining about "cultural appropriation" are racists.
I don't care if they know they are racists or not, I don't care whether or not it's intentional - it is racism and it is immoral.

Watch this -

At 12.24 onward especially. The full video is very good.
The white separatists LOVE this shit.
The white nationalists love it. The white supremacists.
They are celebrating the fact that a massive race identitarian movement is espousing "cultural appropriation" and race segregation.
They support it.
It's what they have been saying for decades.
If you're saying it, you're on their side!
You're on the side of the racists who pronounce the "h" in white.
You're a racist.
Stop being racist.

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In the last 2-3 year the MSM has been on a campaign to lower public discourse to the lowest possible common denominator, and they've been so successful that "boys VS girls" has become the most "important" conversation to be had!
It's pathetic.
Actual adults are babbling on about how girls are better than boys! I never thought it could sink so low, but here we are...

And as usual it's gender supremacists like Lily Allen who are leading this "important debate" 😂

I believe the lowering of public discourse in this way is another form of MSM censorship.
It's the base form of the pathetic increase in race politics recently.
As usual, identity politics is cancer.
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