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Here you go
Week 2 results for the match of +British Funtime Freddy​ vs Toy-Mango (Tumblr)
+British Funtime Freddy​ won 6.79-5.07
+British Funtime Freddy​is now 2-0 and Toy Mango is 1-1
The division is still up for grabs

Results from +dat circus baby​ vs +NightmareCat 360
+dat circus baby​ won 6.21 to 6
+dat circus baby​ is now 2-0 (leading the Funtime Division) and +NightmareCat 360​ is 1-1
The playoff race isn't over yet
Btw Congrats to +NightmareCat 360​ for being the first competitor to get Question 10 fully right

I am sorry about the last post, I had deleted it.
I will hold your spot +XxEnchantedxX The Real Youtube Laughing Jack
If anyone has other questions, comment below.
Sorry form the inconvenience

Results from the match up of +CJ Lunala The Legend of Night vs THE BOSS (FNAF Amino)
CJ won 8.28-6.07
+CJ Lunala The Legend of Night is 2-0 and THE BOSS is 1-1
+CJ Lunala The Legend of Night leads the Phantom Divison

Results from the Week 2 match between +nightmare the EVIL!!​ vs +Toy bonnie 06
Nightmare the Evi!!! Won 3.64 to 3.5
One of the closest games of FNAF Battle history
+nightmare the EVIL!!​ is 2-0 and +Toy bonnie 06​ is 0-2
But the season isn't over yet

2 people need to finish their turn so I can start the other players' turns
Tomorrow will be a final notice post, and if they don't finish in 2 days they will be disqualified for this week
The people that need to finish are
+nightmare the EVIL!!​ and +Kawaii Hana Buruberi

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Who wants to have an award show for the season?
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Buoth I'm fucking crazy and I love it

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Read this
Well guys, looks like something bad happened.
My family might divorce, and causing me to move out.
And no internet for a bit, but we will get internet there.
So I can still be on here, and talk to you. But maybe gone for a while. But I know it's not right away. So this is very sad for me.
I might not be able to see my neighborhood friends again, but we can probably still talk by text and calling. Sorry to bring this bad news, but unfortunately that is reality.
Depression here I come :( 

Results for Week 2 +Purple Spring​ vs Springtrap144 (Tumblr)
Springtrap144 won 9.28 to 8.57
Springtrap144 and +Purple Spring​ are both 1-1
The playoff race is on
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