I came out of my cave to go get a drink from the river.
As I walked along side the river bank, I noticed how calm and serene the weather was.
As I was admiring the wonderful atmosphere, I saw a little wolf near the river. She was just sitting over there,
In the silence I heard a soft whimpering.
I fastened my pace and faced the young wolf.
"Hey, what's wrong?"

Guys hey....totally forgot about this community sorry. I was wondering....could I be a wolf spirit? Nothing op or anything, just I can change into girl form. That's all.

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"Uhm.... It's a Radio Collar..... ...From The Uhhh..... ............Humans."
The young pup looked past me, as her blaring blue eyes met the gaze of the full moon. She said quickly,
"The full Moon!!! I need to hear the wolf who howls at it for us!" she continued, "I need to find her!!!"
I laughed at the alertness in her sound and I said, " Well, here she is! " And tilted my head a bit.
" Everything alright? You seem a bit in a rush! "
I asked her.
" And I have howled already, so, wanna eat at my den? Maybe you can tell me all about it over there? "
I smiled a bit and waited for an answer...



* As I was leaving the cliff, and making my way to my den, I happened to see another den site which was near the human territory. I never saw any wolves in that den before but today was different. I saw a little pup. But there was a collar around her neck. I dont know what it was, but I know that I had seen this collar once a long time ago on a wolf, unfortunately that wolf was hunted down by the humans the other day.
So, I walked over to her and asked,
" What is that on your neck, child? "

___________________ TO BE CONTINUED ________________________

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Spirit Mist sprints through the forest
she goes to the edge of the cliff and stands among the arms of the glistening moon and howls

The First Moon.... she says

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slowly walks through the forest
It's getting dark... thinks
But the snow, its such a wonderful weather!
smiles slightly and looks at paws sinking in the snowy field
laughs a bit shakes snow off of fur

SpiritMist howls and runs as fast as she could, jumping over logs, laughing; in simple words, happy. Until she bumps into another wolf.....

Thinks: Oh no....

SpiritMist: I didn't meant to, I... I ..


Who wants to be the other wolf? ( you can choose your own name )
I will draw a character for it. Btw, its a male wolf.

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Thx for the invite!

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If you're a new roleplayer, fill out the form like I did. Only new wolves tell about themselves here. Thanks.

Name: Spirit Mist
Gender: Female
Wolf Age: 3 years ( young adult )
Fur Color: Black and White
Eye Color: Aqua
Wolf Age: 3 years ( young adult )
Abilities: Great at hunting and fighting. Can run fastly.
Likes: The Moon, Hunting, Breezes, Running,
Dislikes: Enemies, being betrayed.
Bio: I am Spirit Mist. I used to live with my parents in a forest. But there was a fire in which my parents died. I survived. I managed to grow and nourish myself. I turned out to be a good warrior like my father, and a good huntress like my mother. I am usually free and alone. I am very fast. No other wolf can catch me in my forest. I am slim and in figure, which helps me run swiftly and I can easily avoid the enemies. I always howl whenever the First Moon comes. That's how the other wolves get notified. It's my job to howl on the First Moon because my howl can be heard miles away and they say its the howl that shows courage, bravery, dedication.
Im more of a romantic and loving person. Only if there was someone who bothered to make conversation with me. I am very dedicated to the ones I love.
I live alone in the depths of the forest in a cave.

looks at the sky
It's getting late. I better go hunt now.....
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