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We are conducting the best Acting Classes in India and expect that students will make the equal effort to learn the lessons well to bring their hidden talents out.

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As all of us actors know the process of filming is an inmate one. And it's often hard to explain to people who weren't on set or a part of the process. However blogging gives actors like myself the chance to try and explain it to friends and family and my fellow actors what it was like.

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Hi everyone!:) If you're interested in dance and acting, please check out our page!:D We are trying to get some followers, and if you follow us, we will follow you. Thank you!:)<3

Anyone who needs help with acting needs to check out the YouTube channel- actingislitmylife, she gives great tips and funny videos too!

thank you to all of out new members

We r almost at 40 members !!!!!!

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last week of school 
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