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Hi everyone. This is my full review of the Acer Chromebook R13. I love this laptop. It is working very well, and the build quality is great. I hope you will like the video! #chromeos #chromebook

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The result of Shrout Research is very interesting considering the fact, that the Samsung Chromebook Plus is based on ARM whereas the Chromebook Pro is based on Intel x86:

"Shrout Research shows that Android applications from the Play Store can and do perform very differently when running on Chromebooks with different hardware platforms. Testing similar Chromebooks, one that uses an ARM-based platform and another with an Intel x86 platform, we found that platform selection has a critical impact on user experience. Differences ranging from substantial start up time gaps to basic operability and stability of software were seen with the advantage going to the ARM-based hardware."

#ShroutResearch #Chromebooks

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From my Posting in setup
So just sharing my work setup...

HP13g1 m3 4GB of RAM 32GB storage with a 128GB SD card. Westinghouse 24" second monitor connected by USB-C. External keyboard Apple BT and a Logitec BT Travel mouse. Oh and my 11 disc TuL customizable notebook.

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Google only made a single, brief mention of its efforts to add Android apps to Chromebooks during last week’s Google I/O keynote address. But a Google I/O session went much deeper. And helps to explain what’s taking so long.

#ChromeOS #GooglePlayStore

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hehe, you should take this quiz and share your results =]

Helpful little 10 second quiz that helps you figure out if Windows 10s is for you.

evil grin

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"Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s second attempt at creating a “locked-down” OS. Once again, you’ll only be able to install apps from the Windows Store, but Microsoft is hoping a clearer and more coordinated marketing campaign will convince users to give it a try. This time, the focus is on “simplicity, security, and speed.”

It’s those three words that put Windows 10 S into direct competition with Chromebooks."

#ChromeOS #Windows10S

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As requested, a clear tutorial on how to side load apps!

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is a versatile developer's machine.

Watch the video on YouTube at:

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Check out this companion tutorial the most recent video on how to sideload apps on your Samsung Chromebook Plus!

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The photos you can produce on this chromebook are really quite good. Professional edits without using Photoshop (or Windows/Mac for that matter)!

You will like this video:

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