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Hi everyone, 

I have a question:

I changed from Google account I and want to delete the old one. What happens if I delete that account while it is set as my main "owner" profile on the chromebook? and can I set the new account to be the owner?
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Powerwash it and then log in with your new account!
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Are there people who use Chromebooks as their daily drivers? If so how's the experience for you? 
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Use it for almost everything, the exceptions being when I need to add music to my iTunes library or sync the families iPods, and for organizing my eBook library, neither of which I can do on my Chromebook yet.  Plan to gradually replace all laptops in the house with Chromebooks as they expire, keeping ultimately just one cheap Windows laptop for the odd time its needed.
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Cast music anywhere in the house, and it works with Chromebooks too.
LG announces new "google cast" speaker system in U.S.

LG states, "A key competitive advantage for LG Music Flow devices is that they have Google Cast built-in so users will be able to stream music from their mobile devices and listen to tunes from their favorite online music services, including Google PlayTM Music, Pandora, Songza, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Rdio, among others."

Note:  Chromebooks will also be supported as a casting device.

So who is saving up for Christmas?

Chromecast Central

#chromecast   #googlecast   #googlecastforaudio  
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- LG Music Flow With Google Cast™ Launched In U.S. LG-Google Collaboration Offers More Listening...
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Advantage of Google Cast over Bluetooth:

Higher Bandwidth
Better Range
Lower Latency
Higher Bit-Rate
Better Security
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So i'm torn, i have this laptop it's actually a great laptop with great specs. But i hate windows 8 and just Microsoft in general. I mostly use Chrome on this laptop and i mostly use all of Google services. I'm thinking about selling this laptop for $300 and using the money the buy the new asus chromebook flip for $250. What are your thoughts do you think this is a good decision, or do you think i should just hold onto this laptop? I'm wanting the Flip because of the portability, the longer battery life, and chrome os.
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Keep the Windows Laptop
Get the Asus Chromebook Flip
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You wouldn't ask this question in the Chrome OS community if you weren't already leaning toward a decision ;)
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Mark Dodsworth

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Give this demo a try, I believe this could be the start of the future of gaming.
This app/webpage is a year old but i'm sure most of you wouldn't have ever tried it; 

Controls are WASD to walk, mouse to look, Q to switch weapons, Tab to switch to Melee combat, and 1, 2, and 3 for special powers (try them!).

Really helps me see the potential in web games, no installations, no plugins just a real FPS running in the browser. See if you can complete both of the levels in the demo and you will see what I mean. 
Unity WebGL Player. Fullscreen. MadFinger Games - DeadTrigger 2. « created with Unity »
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When do you thing we see a Chromebook with anyone of the following:

Intel Core i7
8+ GB Ram
2nd SSD Slot for Expandability
4k Webcam
Wireless AC
Fingerprint Scanner
Better Speakers
Multi-browser on one Channel (i.e. Dev Channel with Dev and Stable Browser accessible)
Full "Real" Android App Support

Any other suggestions you would like to see?
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Oh chrome book... 
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When my chromebook starts up I get a small 0 next to my clock. and if i click it, it gives me a small box with the current weather in Luton, UK. Only snag is that I am not in Luton. How do i change this?
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No thanks 
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Gerry Doyon

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Beta testing will be available in a few weeks Google and Adobe are bringing a streaming version of Photoshop to Chromebooks for the first time. Photoshop on Chrome OS will at first be just for US-based Adobe education customers with a paid subscription to the company's Creative Cloud service. Google states: This streaming version of Photoshop is designed to run straight from the...
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You can currently use Photoshop and other Adobe apps from their website... for 240 dollars a year per app. No thanks!
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Hey, guys, is there any possibility to make Chrome always start with my pinned tabs open?

I know there's a way on Windows, but I can't figure out how to make it work on a Chromebook 😿
Thanks in advance!
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YES!  Get the TabCloud extension... it will change your life.  You can even make sets of pinned tabs to switch between when you need them.
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Project Spartan has some javascript improvements and feels a lot smoother than IE, but is it faster than Chrome yet?
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is there any videos on the upcoming asus chromebook flip?
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New feature? I'd never noticed that!
(I'm on beta channel)
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This is people search from the apps launcher. Announced over a year ago.
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For those having issues streaming media from your home network to your Chromebook and/or Chrome OS, check out Subsonic. I set my PC up as a streaming media server, and now I am able to stream over 90% content to my Chromebox. I can even download to it. If interested, research or ask how.
Subsonic ... easy listening. Home · Premium · Apps · Sonos · Demo · Help · How to Install · Getting Started · Features · FAQ · Forum; More... Change Log · Transcoding Settings · How to Translate · API · Download. Subsonic. Your complete, personal media streamer. Download; Learn more ...
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Yay! People read this stuff!
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OK, I give up. I'm hoping someone here can help. I'm new to Chromebooks. I'm trying to setup Drive/Docs for offline access. Every site I find on the net gives me instructions but none seem to tally to what options I have on my system! Can someone give me some pointers?!
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Just tested it on my phone made a new text document then closed the app down & reopened google docs & it's listed on the first screen 
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Hey guys I have the Acer chrome book, love it, but is it more enabling to install Linux? Is it hard? I'd like access to java and what not so I think I'd like to take on these challenge.. Any safety risks? Thanks ahead
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John B youtube instruction video link is my favourite too. I only took the most recent crouton from the Internet. 
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It's actually really easy to get Android apps on any computer using Google Chrome, and no separate installs! Especially on Windows 8, where there's a lack of good touch optimized apps(in the store).
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Who owns a Chrome OS device?
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Yes , Chromebox
Yes, Chromebook
Yes, both.
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Bobby M
+Cirrell Battle Really happy. I was a windows user previously and this computer is just a breeze to use. I did upgrade to 8gb ram and also added wireless keyboard & mouse now am fully part of Googles' ecosystem. Chromebase was a good buy.
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