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Loving the new launcher look in the Dev channel! What do you think of it?

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I pleaded with +Google UK​ to refresh the Gmail interface (on my twiiter handle @wesspeak )but received no response. What do you guys think about Gmail these days?

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Some (not all) Android Apps are working great. Not normally a gamer but Clash of Clans on my Chromebook and Nexus 5x work great. Syncs and can be played anywhere. Now only if Instagram worked as well.....

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If you're going to lose a laptop, better it be a Chromebook...

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Setting up a Chrome OS managed Kiosk is easier than ever.

Hi everybody,

I just received my new Chromebook Asus C300 with a 128 GB SSD.

When I install VLC (Chrome Store version) and try to answer to VLC's location of media files request, my directories are recognized but all my media files are grayed.

There is an option to manually type the media files directory name but my syntax (PC usual) is rejected.

What do I have to type to choose :
Downloads sub-directory ?
My Passport sub-directory ?
SD card sub-directory ?

I succeed one time to overcome this problem (but I don't remember how ;-) and VLC used to work perfectly on my Asus C200, with any sub-directory.

Thanks in advance,

BTW the ASUS C300 is much better than C200 :

run faster
bigger screen (13.3)
beautiful full HD screen
better sound
better keyboard
some models have more then 16 or 32 GB SSD
plastic but looks nice
eligible to Android in Dev mode (my next challenge)
I got it at Amazon Prime Day for 300 €. Minus 100 € for the sale of my C200, that's a nice 200 € update !

Lovin' my new Chromebook!

I purchased an Asus C201 on Amazon Prime Day to replace a frustratingly slower and slower HP Windows 10 laptop, and I couldn't be happier. I was in the CR-48 pilot program, and while it really was a wonderful device at the time, it's amazing to see how the platform has evolved and improved over the years.

I'm on the dev channel enjoying all the new goodies including Android apps, and continue to be stunned by the performance in such a small and affordable package.

I took advantage of Amazon's $10 bonus to load a gift card, so in the end, the C210 cost me $137.00. 

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I can't wait to find out if 'Eve' is the new Chromebook Pixel we've all been waiting for.


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Hi I'm looking for some help ....
... On an obscure subject. As part of an evaluation project into suitable workflows for a Chromebook to replace some Windows 10 PCs sometime next year I have rigged up a (cheap) Chromebook (ASUS C201P) which has no working screen. see my photos below
The Chromebook is inside the white box in the second photo. Some cables come up through the hole in the box to a KVM switch unit (that's it with the red light on top) so I can send the mirrored display signal from the CB to the monitor in the first photo.

My problem is that the CB's screen image is only displaying across about 80% of the height of the physical monitor leaving about 10% unused at the top and bottom although it is using the full width. I've worked through all the display options I can find in the CB's Chrome OS to no avail.

Does anyone know of a technique that might get me over this issue. BTW any adjustment has to be achieved from within the Chromebook as I can't adjust the physical monitor's control settings since that would compromise the monitor's use for other work when switched via the KVM to alternate computers.

I would be grateful for any pointers that you may be able to give me
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The new Arduino Create Chrome App enables students and other users to write code, access tutorials, configure boards, and share projects. Designed to provide a continuous workflow from inspiration to implementation, Makers can easily manage every aspect of their project right from a single dashboard.
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