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Oh hello there!!

At this point, your just a little furry pup! But once u get used to it, you'll be a grown up furry! There are gonna be some ground rules first! Also if u wanna make an banner, that's totally fine! Make one!!!💚💛💜
There are 3 community mascots

The main mascot is a furry to represent all the furry fans!

The second mascot is an wolf with wings to represents all furry things (and winged things) are allways aloud!!

And a dragon to show you don't need to be "furry" to be here!!

#1 rule: NO BEING MEAN
#2 rule: dont discharge others
#3 rule: have fun!!
#4 rule: no asking to be mod.
#5 rule: 3 strikes till ban.
#6 rule: you may only advertise twice a month per member.

This community until or unless notifued otherwise is under the protection of the RSTF. I suggest mods ban raiders and if your not sure if an alt to a raider is attempting to join link their profile below and me and or my good friend +Cyber Demon66​ will check it out amd let you know. This is a warning to raiders as well. All raiders in this community are under arrest by the RSTF until notified.
+draco Akita (can't tag)
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I redesigned my rayo :smiley: ( adopted him on facebook )
I usually change details,but not the whole adopt
(the transparent one have my edits)
2018. 04. 03.
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Name: Viktor Heidrich
Species: Vampire Bat
Age: 23 years
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4" (7' if you count his ears)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single
Personality: Depressed, funny, sarcastic, easily annoyed, kindhearted
Dom/Sub?: Both
Likes: Monster energy, hoodies, baggy pants, the night time, music, rare meat, Skyrim and D&D
Dislikes: Bratty people, kids, mushrooms, the sun, dog whistles
WoC: His teeth, his claws and sometimes daggers or knives
Bio: Viktor comes from Germany and thus speaks with a heavy accent. He often finds himself smoking, to relieve stress and help his depression. He is a kind soul but don't mistake him as weak, it takes a lot of strength to fly.

Claimer: Ref sheet and character are both mine! DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!

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Thanks for accepting me

Who of the furries around here has discord?

pls block this dude he doesn't even know me

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My part of our art trade with chubby birb on Discord
( trade with a friend )
Oc belongs to them
Art by me
Soon i open requests ;) Keep an eye out people

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Raiders are attacking people and making nasty videos to harass others!
Make sure do NOT share these info.s on your direct profile!
JUST in private groups / servers!
Look out for these usernames:
Knocklimber, Mock
aand their hate video:

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If you guys get an email from or Bitbounce, DO NOT CLICK ON IT! It is a scam!!! It collects money for "emails" to get through to you!
It will take your money and use your personal info to hack everything you have. The email I received is below. As you can see, it is asking for money for an apparent "email" to get through. RESHARE THIS TO EVERY COMMUNITY YOU ARE IN TO WARN PEOPLE!
- Windison wolf

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Finally finished one of my oc's,Liza's headshot .
Adopted her from DA
This art belongs to me
2018. 02. 11.
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