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So... do any girl want to rp? We will decide the starter in a pp or hangouts

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Characters name: James Ordo "Red" (Because of the rifle and the red helmet eyes)

Characters age: 24

Characters gender: male

Characters race: human

Characters apocalypse job: scavenger

SPECIAL attributes:
S 1+4
P 1+3
E 1+4
C 1+2
I 1+3
A 1+3
L 1+2

Weapons: a modified laser rifle (slower fire rate than normal in exchange of more damage) and a 12.7 pistol
Armor: Anti riot gear
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Anyone descriptive wanna rp, because we need to bring this place back.

Well, thanks for accepting me, I will make a profile soon

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(Closed to Kova winters)

*bestial encounters

you, a young mercenary had been summoned by the local beast breeder under the coliseum. The young busty woman who tended the animals the gladiators fought smiles at the you as you walk in welcome traveler, did you see our advertisements?

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Name: Kova Winters
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Job: Wandering gunslinger
SPECIAL Attributes:

S: Strength: 4

P: Perception: 4

E. Endurance: 4

C. Charisma: 1

I. Intelligence: 4

A. Agility: 10

L. Luck: 1

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Character's Name: Hentin Kraust

Character's Age: 175

Character's Gender: Male

Characters race: Human like Ghoul

Character's apocalypse job: Criminal

SPECIAL Attributes:

S: Strength; 10

P: Perception; 6

E. Endurance; 10

C. Charisma; 5

I. Intelligence; 4

A. Agility; 3

L. Luck; 10

Looter status (LS): 0
Raiding Points (RP): 0
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Anyone wanna rp))

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(if anyone wants to know how to make a true one punch man in Fallout 4, look up shoddycasts video on Tessa's fist, I took their advice and made it a character inspired by that and oh my God I was not disappointed)

"one person's craziness is another person's reality" -Tim Burton

Name: Stone

Aka: the juggernaut

Age: 20

Gender: male

Personality: playful, has no empathy or Mercy, actually pretty smart.... For a Raider

Armor: Over boss power armor

Weapon: fist/literally anything I can get my hands on..... including people, Ah who am I kidding, ESPECIALLY people

Equipment: pressure charged shield generator: when I punch someone or something the pressure from the force of the hit is absorbed and used to generate a temporary electromagnetic Shield that serve two purposes, one in the flex most small caliber projectiles (anything above .50 Cal will pierce it though throw the shield will slow it down enough to where it hits with only half the power it normally would), reflective plates, for energy weapon defense

Skills: Boxing/street fighting (using anything around me)

S: 10
P: 7
E: 8
C: 7
I: 6
A: 7
L: 10

Inherent perk: enraged juggernaut, when your health drops below 50% you gain +100% to attack and defense

Okay let's get one thing straight right now, I may wear the overboss's armor but I ain't the overboss, that title belongin to my grandmother. She's the matriarch of the clan, as far as I hears it we're the only tribe to fight back against the legion and win. started out in Arkansas in the ruins of Little Rock, when the legion came knocking we fought them off best we could, put up one hell of a fight, we made camp out the Pine Bluff Arsenal army base, a lot of weapons and power armor frames but no full sets of power armor so we made do. We gave the legion everything we had, wasn't enough, they pushed us North Far North, bastards chased us all the way up into Pennsylvania. there we run into the Raiders of the pitt, now the legion didn't play nicely with the rules of the slave trade so the Pitt didn't take too fondly to em, they backed us if we agreed to join them, together we pushef the legion back. Way i hears it they got their asses kicked out west, guess they're not the big boogey mans they thought they were. We stayed in the pit for a while but my Grandmamas got restless, so the boss man sent us East into the Commonwealth, way he hears it there's a huge raid a settlement called Nuka world, we found it at the crack few skulls but we found it; And that's when I was introduced to the gauntlet, and I thought I was sadistic. I tell you death came so close I swear I could kiss it, now thing about me most people hear how I talk and assume that I'm not right in the head that I'm slow or some'em, so you can imagine the look on the overboss's face when I found out the secret to his armor, see it was pretty hard to miss the huge wire coming from the ceiling into his armor, and the blue glowing shield around them so I put two and two together and pulled that damn cord off the ceiling, then I ripped his head off, literally, still have it too, if you peel your eyes really hard you'll see a head mounted on a spike on top of that there fake mountain. My grandmother took control in Nuka world and like always me and my family and our clan is right there by her side.
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