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(RP closed for +Dιαиє єиνу  this is where we continue)

(oc Profile)

Name: Vinny the Slugger

Age: 19


Height: 5'6

weight: 190

occupation: Fighter for hire

weapon: A steel bat

personallity: cocky, arrogant, risky, and greddy, nad a liar.

likes: money, girls, and fighting

dislikes: weak people, and losing

apperance: Hes a caccasiun male, with a red head band around his left eye with cuts and bruises over his body. he wears long baggy pants and a red long coat. he has long black hair that is spiky at the end.

BG:Being an orphan his whole life in a bad neighborhood, Vinny Dias was taught fast its kill or be killed world where only the tough survivded around. By the age of 8 He has killed his first man with a steel baseball bat which gave him the nickname Slugger. By age of 13 he made his own company being a fighter or killer for higher in his neighborhood; in just 3 years he killed a good 1,300 people of all ages(exepct kids) but it all change when he fought Silver isan(another Oc of mine and the leader of the Fighters Guild). he lost badly and swore he will beat him one day. He  was given the choice by silver isan to train under him to get strong enoguh to kill him. now vinny is one of the most brutal and strongest fighters in the fighter guild. Until he defeats isan and takes control for himself.

((Open Rp))
Yakima:(looking at small village and takes a deep breath) ahhh.......this village look nice...can't wait to go there. Have a drink, have a nap, have a ni-(someon bumps into her) hey! Watch where your going! (Draws her mallet)

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//Yօʊ Sɦօʊʟɖ Bɛttɛʀ Bɛ Pʀɛքaʀɛɖ ɮɛċaʊsɛ sօօռ "Yօʊʀ Last Hօʊʀ Stʀɨҡɛs"//

Kaɨʀɨ's Daʀҡ Sɨɖɛ

//Naʍɛ// Melody
//Aʟɨas// One-eyed Hearтleѕѕ, Soυleѕѕ Melody, Broĸen Doll, and Mel
//Aɢɛ// 20 Yearѕ Old
//Gɛռɖɛʀ// Feмale
//Hɛɨɢɦt// 6'4
//Sքɛċɨɛs// Deмon Doll
//Pɛʀsօռaʟɨtʏ// Melody ιѕ a нearтleѕѕ, eмoтιonleѕѕ, yandere, мean, ѕarcaѕтιc, мanιpυlaтιve, vιolenт, ѕadιstic, ѕoυleѕѕ, and мalιcιoυѕ
//Maɢɨċ// Darĸ Magιc, Sнadow Magιc, Blacĸ Lιgнтιng Magιc, Darĸ Wιnd Magιc, Darĸ Fιre Magιc, Blacĸ Ice Magιc, Oвlιvιon, and Sтrιng Magιc
//Wɛaքօռs// Deaтн Scyтнe, Darĸ Sword
//Pɛt// Darĸ Sнιno.
//Lɨҡɛs// Blood, Screaмιng, Kιllιng Tнe Innocenт, Manιpυlaтιon, Laυgнιng Inѕanely, Sιngιng Deadly Lυllaвy'ѕ
//Dɨsʟɨҡɛs// Mercy, Loѕιng, Beggιng For Her Lιғe, Cryιng, and Her Paѕт

//Oռɛ Stɛք Lɛʄt, Nօա It's Aʟʍօst Tɨʍɛ, Sɦօա Yօʊ Wɦat Mʏ DETERMINATION Has Stɨʟʟ Lɛʄt Fօʀ Yօʊ Tօ Gօ Baċҡ Tօ, Yօʊ Sɦօʊʟɖ Pʀɛքaʀɛ Tօ Jʊst DIE//

//Lɨҡɛ Aʟʟ Yօʊʀ Fʀɨɛռɖs Yօʊ'ʟʟ Haʋɛ A Rɛaʟʟʏ GOOD TIME//

//Gօ Aɦɛaɖ Aռɖ Tʀʏ Tօ Kɨʟʟ Mɛ Iʄ Yօʊ'ʀɛ Aɮʟɛ I Caռ Sɛɛ Yօʊʀ Gɛttɨռɢ Rɛaʟʟʏ Sɨċҡ Oʄ Fɨɢɦtɨռɢ Bʊt I'ʟʟ Cօʍɛ Baċҡ Even Aʄtɛʀ Dʏɨռɢ//

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sitting in my room at the guild waiting for +Kairi Lockheart カイリ​ to arrive

((Closed to +Kairi Lockheart カイリ​))

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Name: Slade Wilson

Alias: Deathstroke, Deathstroke The Terminator

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability. Regeneration. 90% brain capacity (based around myth of only using 10%)

Arsenal: assorted rifles, snipers, assault, burst. assorted shot guns, assorted swords, assorted hand guns, assorted knives, God Killer Sword, Self Healing Armor

Bio: Slade Wilson was a military man who was taken in to become a supersoldier. He uses more of his brain than the average human by 9x. He is missing an eye yet he still takes on hero's such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. He will work for whoever gives him the most money unless he has a reason to take a lower paying job in which case he will take the lower paying job. He never fails a job. He's a serious fighter and a genius in combat, expert H2H, Sword fighter, and Sharp Shooter.
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I'm in my 6 year old form again. I sit in my bed messing with my scar on my arm again. Your my care taker but your still in 12th grade. You started taking care of me two weeks ago. Today's a school day like usual and you've had to take me to school since my curse has been acting up. You come to wake me up but as you walk in my room and see my scar is bleeding again from me messing with it you say...

((guy needed, you need to be kind and caring and might have to take role as other people to, please tell me your name))
((my name is Isabella but you call me Izzy, I am a demon and my curse has been acting up so it made me go to my 6 year old age, even though I am 16. I will also play role as other people if needed))

((also didn't have a catorgory for it so I had to put it in a random one))
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Name: Ethan Wolf

Alias: Demon Prince

Age: 23

Height: 6'5"

Species: Demon (Obviously)

Pets: 6 Wolves that follow me
~ Blaze, Made of Fire
~ Aqua, Made of Water
~ Geo, Made of Earth
~ Sky, Made of Air
~ Shadow, Made of Shadows
~ Sparky, Made of Lightning

Likes: Fighting, Stealth, only killing the guilty, Demons, Kairi

Dislikes: Angels, Mortals, the "One" who slaughtered my clan, Thirsty bitches

Personality: Seemingly emotionless dick to almost everyone

Powers: Requip The Demon Knight, Elemental mastery, immortality(age)

Alliances: Mages Guild and Thieves Guild

Appearances: Vary on armor, Normal non-combat attire (PFP) seen below along with several armors

Favorite Quote: "Dark Hearts Don't Break, They Bruise"

Battle Quote: "Better back the fuck up! Better shut the fuck up!"

Bio: Ethan is the youngest of all Demon Princes to ever live, he was a prodigy in Magic, Stealth, Hand to Hand, and Swords man ship. He was left as an orphan when an Angel clan of assassins slaughtered his entire family and clan. He now holds a grudge towards Angels and Assassins in general. He is often seen wearing normal street clothes and listening to music, his favorite types include. Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Punk, EDM, and Alternative Rock. His favorite bands/artists are Hollywood Undead, Avenges Sevenfold, Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, Train, All-American Rejects, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Dead Mau5, and Skrillex.

Purgatories Mist ~ Can control smoke and small amounts of water, strongest armor. This armor is Planet+ but can only be warn for 10 minutes before killing the wearer (Black Robes)

Hell's Blaze ~ Can control all types of fire, strongest fire is black fire but it drain power quickly. This armor is continent+ and can be worn for 30 minutes before automatically un-equipping (Skull Armor)

God's Robes ~ this is a decorative armor meant only for the most regal of ceremonies such as a new kings birth, a kings funeral, or weddings (Golden Armor)

Hevean's Gate ~ This armor allows me to control Lightning & Light. This armor is Mountain+ but it is my fastest armor moving at MFTL, I can only where it for 40 minutes going at normal speed then it un-equips but if I'm moving at max speed I can only wear it for 20 minutes before my bones break (Templaresc armor)

Holy Trinity ~ this armor creates clones each armor has 3 elements, Shadow, Earth, Wind. It is the weakest set but it makes up for it by multiplying automatically when the situation is dire this is City+ (3 armors)

Demon King's Royals Wear ~ This armor appears to be purely for decoration but it actually controls death magic, but the longer I wear it the shorter my life span, and the easier I am to harm but my power grows, after long enough this armor becomes the strongest being Solar System+ but begins as City+ (Ram Horned Armor)

-now pics should be in the correct order-
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Name: Seth Wolf

Alias: Demon Blood

Height: 6'3"

Age: 22

Species: Demon/Angel hybrid

Alliance: Thieves Guild, Ethan Wolf(adoptive brother and best friend)

Personality: Sadistic, Masochistic, Fighter, Asshole, Womanizer

Likes: Fighting, Blood, Death, making people cry

Dislikes: People stronger than him, Cocky bastards, Weaklings, His own blood, humans

Powers: Superhuman Strength(can destroy mountains with a punch) MFTL+ speed in base form. Demon Blood magic, Summoners magic(demon thralls), Necromancy, Hell Fire pyromancy

Bio: Seth was an orphan taken in by Ethan's family, they grew up together and were best friends who were like brothers. Eventually he was officially adopted and made a "Wolf". He was always Stronger and faster than Ethan physically but Ethan was the better fighter, Mage, and strategist. He was respected by many, feared by all, and loved by few, the Angel who slaughtered the Wolves was searching for Seth. Seth has remained loyal to Ethan respecting him as the next demon king and his closest friend.
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